Ideal Conceal IC380 Double Barreled .380 Pistol: Phone or Autobot?

The Ideal Conceal IC380 is a two-shot derringer that looks like a cell phone when closed, but opens quickly to reveal a self-defense option. It’s a different way of carrying a firearm for self-defense.

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Is it a cell phone or an Autobot? In 2018, Ideal Conceal presented its mobile phone pistol. It’s pretty much a 2-shot derringer. It can be lumped into a really small package, roughly the size of your standard cell phone. It is 3 inches by 5 inches and 0.75 inches thick. The iPhone 12 Plus is actually a bit larger than the IC380. It’s made in the USA and is currently available in 380 ACP, but they will come out in 9mm. The IC380 is a different way of wearing! This little derringer has a lot of cool features and we’re going to test it out. The big question is why do you prefer a 2-shot derringer to a semi-automatic pistol that is possibly even smaller? While not for everyone, there are some great uses for the IC380. We live in the golden age of firearms, and it proves it. Let’s check it out!

Safety was paramount in the development of the IC380. A brand that everyone can trust and that they can rely on again and again.

  • Light one-piece frame
  • Simple design and trouble-free operation
  • High speed, increased accuracy
  • Hammerless construction for maximum safety.

More information about the IC380 can be found at

Thanks to Ideal Conceal and for their help! Also to Fiocchi Ammunition for sponsoring our ammunition.

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