Impressive footage: A shootout between police and criminals left five dead in the middle of a street in Mexico

At least five youths were killed in a shooting with Guerrero State Police in Iguala city, Mexico, the State Secretariat for Public Security (SSP) reported. The official report shows that the police were out in two official cars at around 2 p.m. on Saturday afternoon when they heard gunshots near the Iguala-Cuernavaca highway.

The state police immediately discovered a black car in the Villas del Rey neighborhood, which was occupied by five young men. Police officers are said to have been shot, whereupon a chase was quickly initiated. The persecution culminated on the federal highway near the Justice Headquarters.

The bodies of the five men were scattered on the street, as the pictures circulating on social networks show.

The SSP issued a statement saying that the attackers were armed and that the police officers shot first, and that no police officers were injured.

The city of Iguala and its surroundings have seen an increase in violence with the territorial war between criminal groups The flag Y Los Tlacos.

Sources disagree on what the flag is, as they say for some that it is the new name of United Warriors while others say it is a faction of the umbrella organization. The Jalisco New Generation Cartel (CJNG) is reportedly working with Guerreros Unidos and its remnant groups.

The reason for the shooting could not be clarified

The origins of the confrontation have not been reported as the investigation is ongoing. State troopers said they “saw a black Jetta with Morelos license plates” and started a chase. For the time being, however, it is only suspected that the crew members began attacking the uniformed men with firearms.

Five armed civilians died as a result of the confrontation. It should be noted that the bodies of the five deceased had gunshot wounds in the back, according to local media.

In this regard, the SSP issued a statement assuring that the murdered wore long and short guns. They were also assured of other weapons and tactical equipment. According to the official bulletin, no uniformed man was injured in the alleged confrontation. No people were arrested for these events either.

The State Secretariat for Public Security reported that it had surveillance operations in the Iguala municipality.

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