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Dear editor:

Injury: verb; commit a violation or violation of; hurt or violate:

It seems that many members of Congress do not understand this definition, especially the senior members of the Democratic Party. It’s not really a surprise as our Dotard in Chief never got it. Congressman Sheila Jackson Lee continues to push for a bill, HR 127, that would impose onerous taxes and fees on law-abiding gun owners. With 16 separate items, including magazine capacity restrictions and a ban on modern sporting rifles, i.e. “assault weapons”, this is the definition of the word. A bill was just passed in the House that provided for background checks on the private sale of firearms and Senator Dianne Feinstein, almost as shady as our newly minted President dusted off her bill on “offensive weapons” again. This time it uses “domestic terrorism” as its cause.

All of these actions do nothing to solve the problems that promote them. Violent crimes are driven by gang and drug deals. Long guns of any kind used in violent crime are a small part of America’s crime statistics. The progressive politicians have lied continuously through an agenda-oriented medium to convince the public that an AR 15 with a 30-round magazine is in the hands of every violent criminal. It’s just not true. It is also a lie that “universal background checks will have an impact on the number of firearms in the hands of criminals. These myths were debunked here in Maine in 2016 and a similar bill was reasonably defeated. These bills merely “violate” the guaranteed right of the American people to keep and carry weapons.

These efforts are merely a stepping stone to the real purpose of the Anti-Second Amendment lobby, the complete and complete dismantling of all private gun ownership in America. You will not stop at anything to achieve this goal.

Linc sample

Boothbay Harbor

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