IRWIN SPEEDBOR SUPREME bits with self-feeding and augers

IRWIN SPEEDBOR SUPREME ™ self-retracting bits and auger bits solve significant weak points for professionals who use them day in and day out. We are working with IRWIN to tell you more about these impressive accessories.

Beyond a simple bit design

Auto-feed drills and auger bits are critical to structural installers and electricians. General contractors and remodelers also rely on them for a large number of holes. We have personally used these type of bits for a variety of purposes. We appreciate every advance that makes drilling a faster and more efficient process.

Professionals turn to auto-feed drills and auger bits when they want to drill either larger or longer holes where other drills aren’t as effective or just can’t. After using dozens of these bits from different manufacturers, we can tell you that they are not all made equally.

IRWIN SPEEDBOR SUPREME ™ bits with self-feed and auger have been specially developed for a longer service life and can handle repeated nail hits better than others.

While there are obviously some big differences between the two bit types, IRWIN SPEEDBOR SUPREME ™ self-advancing and auger bits share a few key elements that will help them achieve their goals.

For starters, they have a durable bimetal construction with aggressive self-retracting screw tips. Just as the design team developed them, the cutting edges are able to maintain a sharp edge and handle multiple nail hits effectively.

Finally, when the cutting edge is so blunt that you notice a difference in the drilling speed, the cutting edge can be resharpened.

IRWIN covers them with a black oxide coating, which increases the corrosion resistance of the bits.

The result is a range of self-threading and auger bits that last, on average, three times longer * than IRWIN’s previous designs.

IRWIN SPEEDBOR SUPREME bits with self-feeding

If you dig a little deeper into the performance side of IRWIN’s improved self-retracting chisels, there is an impressive improvement in overall life. Based on internal testing, IRWIN SPEEDBOR SUPREME ™ 2 9/16 “self-advancing core bits were able to drill 6.3X ** more holes in 1 1/2” Brazilian oak resin wood than the previous IRWIN model!

You are using a 7/16 inch quick change shank that is suitable for 1/2 inch drill chucks or angle drills with quick change chucks. They are also long enough to pierce 4x dimensional wood without the need for extension.

IRWIN SPEEDBOR SUPREME bits with self-feed are available in sizes 1 1/2, 1 3/4, 2, 2 1/8 and 2 9/16 inches. There is also a replacement screw tip in case the original becomes dull or damaged.


The 7/8 “diameter auger bit drills 236 more holes *** compared to IRWIN’s Weldtec ™ drills in 1½” thick pine with 8D standard nails.

In addition to the added durability, IRWIN made sure the design still features smooth drilling with fast, efficient chip ejection that results in clean holes thanks to its flute geometry.

Like the self-retracting drills, IRWIN SPEEDBOR SUPREME ™ auger bits have a 7/16 inch quick-change shank. They are available in 7 1/2 and 18 inch lengths and cover 3/8, 1/2, 5/8, 3/4, 7/8 and 1 inch diameters.

You can find IRWIN SPEEDBOR SUPREME ™ self-feeding and auger bits at your preferred IRWIN dealer. At Pro Tool Reviews, individual bits ranged from $ 19.98 to $ 59.98.

Find out more by visiting the IRWIN website.

* With regard to IRWIN®SPEEDBOR® SUPREME ™ self-feed bits – on average compared to IRWIN® SPEEDBOR self-feed bits. With regard to IRWIN®SPEEDBOR SUPREME ™ auger bits – on average compared to older IRWIN® ship drill bits.

** IRWIN® SPEEDBOR SUPREME ™ drill with 2-9 / 16 “diameter (SKU: IWAX2009) compared to IRWIN® drill with 2-9 / 16” diameter SKU (3046013) for drilling in 1-1 / 2 “thick Brazilian Oak hardwood. IRWIN SPEEDBOR SUPREME ™ drill bit with 7/8 “diameter (SKU: IWAX3018) compared to Weldtec ™ 7/8” diameter drill bit SKU (1779343) for drilling in 1-1 / 2 “thick pine wood with 8D shared nail.

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