It’s a Characteristic, Not a Bug: Becerra Admits CA Gun Registration Website Effectively Nonfunctional

FILE – In this file photo dated March 5, 2019, California Attorney General Xavier Becerra speaks during a press conference in Sacramento, California. President-elect Joe Biden has selected Becerra as his health secretary and appointed a defender of the Affordable Care Act to take a leadership role in overseeing his administration’s coronavirus response. (AP Photo / Rich Pedroncelli, File)

Xavier Becerra, then California’s attorney general and now (as of yesterday) US Secretary of Health, admitted that CA’s gun registration website was so poorly designed that it largely did not work. Of today’s Sacramento Bee::

California Attorney General Xavier Becerra’s office silently signed a settlement agreement in federal court admitting that his gun registration agency’s website was so poorly designed that thousands of Californians may not have been able to register their offensive weapons and to comply with state laws.

Under the terms of the settlement filed Wednesday in the US Eastern District Court in Sacramento, the Department of Justice is required to notify every district attorney and law enforcement agency to reset “all pending investigations and prosecutions” for those suspected of having failed to register their assault weapons.

The settlement agreement is a serious setback to one of California’s major gun control laws. It comes 11 months after a federal judge said the state’s newly implemented online ammunition background check program was so problematic that tens of thousands of otherwise legal gun owners have been banned from buying ammunition – in violation of their rights to the second amendment.

I would recommend reading the entire article to learn more about this type of failure-by design and the lawsuit filled in by California Gun Rights Foundation, Firearms Policy Coalition, and Second change foundation that led to this agreement and public approval.

When one of the most anti-guns in one of the most anti-gun states implements a system that denies, for example, about 18 percent of valid background checks for ammunition purchases, it is an obvious violation of California’s Second Amendment rights . But we know that for Becerra this is a function, not a bug.

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