Jared Padalecki once reminisced ‘Gilmore Women’ as Sam Winchester, here’s how

Jared Padalecki became a household name as Supernatural’s Sam Winchester. Jared has studied the role of the demon and ghost hunter for more than a decade. But long before Jared dealt with demons, he was once known as Rory Gilmore’s first friend. At one point, Supernatural even paid tribute to Jared Padalecki’s Gilmore Girls connection. Here is how.

How ‘Supernatural’ paid tribute to ‘Gilmore Girls’

Supernatural has been on television for more than a decade. The series’ main characters, Sam and Dean Winchester, could be considered one of the most iconic duos in pop culture. But Sam Winchester wasn’t just the demon and ghost hunter we are now familiar with. Sam aka actor Jared Padalecki first appeared on television on the Gilmore Girls show.

Jared Padalecki was spotted as Rory Gilmore’s boyfriend, Dean Forester, on this hit TV show that primarily focuses on a mother-daughter duo. Dean Forester was Rory Gilmore’s friend from season 1 through season 3. He also appeared a few times in seasons 4 and 5. After his stint on the hit show ended, Jared Padalecki decided to hunt demons as Sam Winchester.

In Supernatural Season 2, the Gilmore Girls showrunners paid a small tribute. In an episode titled “Hollywood Babylon,” Sam and Dean Winchester visit Los Angeles to investigate a number of deaths on the set of a horror film. When Sam and Dean land in Los Angeles, they go on a Hollywood tour and visit a fake Warner Bros. studio.

During the tour, a guide draws tourists’ attention to the small town of Stars Hollow, Rory, and Lorelai Gilmore. The guide adds that the set for the show is Gilmore Girls. While the guide talks about the show and its set, the camera continues to focus on Jared Padalecki. Soon Sam gets off the tram and leaves the tour. Although Jared Padalecki revisited his Gilmore Girls days with his new show, it was still an iconic moment for fans of both shows.

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