Kali Key Bolt Action AR Takes On Draconian Gun Laws

Kali Key adopts draconian gun laws

USA –- (AmmoLand.com) – It’s no secret that California is a very anti-gun state. It is a challenge for Californians to own semi-automatic rifles without breaking the law. The powers that be in the Golden State regard most semi-automatic rifles as evil “weapons of attack”. For example, to make a semi-auto rifle, California Americans need to add a fin to erase the pistol grips and remove other cosmetic features.

California doesn’t regulate bolt action rifles as tightly as semi-automatic rifles. Bolt actions may have functions that turn a semi-auto weapon into a dreaded “attack weapon”. What if there was a way to convert your AR15 or AR10 into a repeater pistol? What if there was a way to turn your modern sporting rifle into a less regulated bolt action without milling the rifle or playing with gas black?

Kali KeyKali Key

This is where Kali Key comes in.

The Kali Key is connected to the bolt carrier group and replaces the rechargeable handle of your AR rifle. This movement effectively turns your AR into a repeating rifle. The California definition of an “assault weapon” states that the weapon must be a semi-automatic rifle with one of many cosmetic properties. Kali Key is a way to get around this regulation.

Before we go any further, I need to remind readers that I am not an attorney or an expert on any law. Nothing I say should be taken as legal advice. I will only respond to the best information available to me at the time of writing. I rely on Kali Key’s understanding of California law and the confidential opinions of several high profile attorneys, but this is California. The state is very anti-gun and nothing says they will not try to advance the definition of an “offensive weapon”. Basically, use your best judgment.

Kali KeyKali Key

With this in mind, California law is very clear that semi-automatic rifles without a fixed magazine that accept ten or fewer cartridges with one of their many cosmetic characteristics are considered “assault weapons” and possession of these weapons can result in serious criminal charges. These features include pistol grips, thumbhole stems, lightning suppressors, and telescopic stems.

Since a rifle with a Kali key installed is a bolt, the shooter can have fully featured rifles without ball buttons or fixed magazines. This small change to the gun also means Californians can safely and legally carry their firearms when they travel to a free state like Arizona to shoot. As soon as they have crossed the limit, the user only has to exchange the Kali Key for a standard bolt carrier group and a rechargeable handle. Then they have a fully functional and functional semi-automatic AR.

That is the main advantage of the Kali Key.

Since a rifle with a Kali key installed is a bolt, the shooter can have fully featured rifles without ball buttons or fixed magazines.Since a rifle with a Kali key installed is a bolt, the shooter can have fully featured rifles without ball buttons or fixed magazines.

You can do it to have your rifle California Compliant without tucking silly looking fins behind your pistol grip or permanently modifying your rifle. On the one hand, I want to find ways around draconian laws.

Another use for Kali Key is hunting. Hunters can convert their AR10 rifles into a bolt action pistol for use in states where hunting with semi-automatic rifles is prohibited. Once again, it’s a way to bypass stupid law.

Now that the reasons for using the Kali key have been explained, we can now examine how it works and where the company makes it, and check the build quality. I will say that the company made the Kali Key extremely robust and I don’t see it break in daily use. It’s made in America too and I’m always willing to pay a little more to keep my money in the country.

The Kali Key works with any AR weapon with a direct impact gas system. One disadvantage of the Kali Key is that it doesn’t work with piston-powered ARs. Since most ARs are direct impingements, this disadvantage does not affect most people. Just make sure you know what AR you have before buying the Kal Key.

During normal operation of an AR, after a bullet has been fired, the hot gases flow through the gas tube in the direction of the bolt carrier group. The gas enters an expansion chamber which pushes the bolt carrier backwards and causes the rifle to make another round. The Kali Key changes this process.

Kali KeyKali Key

The Kali Key replaces the rechargeable handle of the AR. The Kali Key does not have an expansion chamber connected to the gas system. Without this connection, the rifle cannot make a new round, which means that the semi-automatic function of the weapon is canceled. The operator has to manually operate the weapon to pull out the used case and reload a new round to fire again.

The Kali Key also works with any mil-spec bolt carrier group. Installation is straightforward and foolproof. All the user has to do is remove the two screws and then loosen the carrier’s gas key. The user then places the company’s gas bypass block in the same location as the gas key. The user then attaches the rechargeable handle of the Kali Key to the BCG. Then it’s just a simple drop-in solution.

One thing I don’t like about Kali Key is the size of the rechargeable handle. It’s absolutely massive. I hope Kali Key decides to offer a smaller rechargeable handle in the future, but at the same time I can see why the company chose to have such an oversized rechargeable handle as it is supposed to be a bolt action solution. I just like the factory size of a typical AR15 rechargeable handle, or even a little bigger than the standard. Just not as big as the design of the Kali Key.

The company sells the Kali Key for an AR15 for $ 102.95 and an AR10 version for $ 112.95. They also offer a package with a bolt carrier group for $ 197.95 for the AR15 platform and $ 257.95 for the AR10 platform. It’s a small price to pay to bypass draconian laws without risking prison time.

The Kali Key is great for people who live under the thumb of tyranny, hunters, and snipers. I’m not sure there is a use case for the rest of us, but since I travel a lot, I keep mine when I have to travel to a state that is not for freedom. I also look forward to seeing what Kali Key has in store for the rest of us in the future.

Learn more at https://kalikey.com/

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