Kapaʿa man arrested for promotion of fentanyl, possession of illegal weapons

KAPAʿA, Hawaii (KHON2) – Kauaʿi Police Department arrested a man on charges of promoting dangerous drugs and multiple possession of illegal weapons and ammunition.

Kauai Police said Paul Bun Chung Say, 58, of Kapaʿa, was arrested Jan. 19 after a search of meth, fentanyl, marijuana, pills, a shotgun, an AR15-style ghost gun, ammunition and more than 8,000 dollars were found.

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He is being held on $1 million bail.

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First and foremost, I thank our Vice Department for their ongoing efforts to keep Kauaʿi safe. Fentanyl is an incredibly dangerous and insidious drug that has hit our shores in a very worrying way in recent months. Our Deputy Officers have diligently responded with thorough investigation and enforcement into illegal drug activity and now we have one less person on the street engaging in this criminal lifestyle. But that doesn’t mean that this issue is behind us. Everyone in our community needs to remain vigilant in the face of this criminal activity and remain aware of the serious dangers of drugs like fentanyl and methamphetamine. The illegal drug trade and distribution of drugs in Kauaʿi poses a significant threat to everyone. And with that said, we remain grateful to our community and your partnership during this drug epidemic as your continued reporting of illegal activity helps us to reduce the quantity of these dangerous substances circulating on our island.

Bryson Ponce
Deputy Head of the Investigative Service Bureau
Kaua’i Police Department

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