Keegan Kelley Harroz, Barry Titus II Charged With Killing Tiffany Eichor

An Oklahoma criminal defense attorney who fell in love with her client is now accused of helping him kill his ex-girlfriend and his ex’s parents.

Authorities have fatally shot and killed attorney Keegan Kelley Harroz and Barry Titus II, Titus’ ex-girlfriend Tiffany Eichor, 43, and her parents Jack Chandler, 65, and Kaye Chandler, 69, on September 7, 2019 in Eichors Beggs, Oklahoma to have, according to a testimony from Okmulgee District Attorney Carol Iski received from

All three victims were shot “several times with at least two weapons of different caliber,” said the authorities.

The brutal murders were carried out while domestic violence crimes were pending against Titus, who had been accused at least twice in the past of violently assaulting Eichor. Harroz had represented Titus in the domestic violence case.

“I understand this is a high profile case and of great interest to many,” said Iski. “However, it is a case that must be tried in court and under the rules of evidence, not in a court of public opinion.”

Investigators were made aware of the gruesome crime scene after a family member went to Eichor’s home and stumbled across the bodies. The same family member told authorities that Eichor had “problems” with her former boyfriend.

Titus was accused of beating and strangling Eichor in 2017, just months after the couple started dating, according to The Oklahoman.

She had an active protection order against him at the time of her death.

Harroz represented Titus in the event of an attack and in the protection order, the authorities said.

The exact nature of the romance between Harroz and Titus remains unclear. While several media outlets reported that Titus was Harroz’s boyfriend, the prosecutor said that during their investigation, authorities learned that Harroz was Titus’ wife.

On the day of the shootings, Iski said surveillance footage caught two people walking near the house. One was described as “obviously masculine and very tall” and the second as “much shorter and smaller”.

The couple had stopped near the house in what appeared to be the description of Harroz’s vehicle, a 2010 silver or light-colored Lexus sedan. Investigators believe the couple “pulled the electricity meter” and cut power to both the surveillance equipment and the house before kicking the door and going inside.

In addition to the surveillance footage, investigators also found a dark baseball cap near the area where the car was parked. The DNA found on the cap matched Titus, the statement said.

Harroz’s brother Jacoby Kelley also flipped over an AR15 rifle that he believed was used in the triple murder.

Titus and a woman – later identified as Harroz – allegedly first bought the gun from a previous owner who had a shooting range on his property. He told officers that the couple fired their AR15 along with a second AR15 they received from their vehicle at the shooting range on the day of purchase.

The witness said “no one has fired any other weapon in the area since,” and officers collected the cartridges at the scene. They later matched these cartridge cases to those found at the crime scene, Iski said.

Authorities believe that Harroz was actively involved in carrying out the triple murder and that it was not their first attempt to target the family.

The family alerted the Okmulgee County sheriff’s office in January 2019 after discovering a “suspicious package of powdered substance” under their porch.

One of Harroz’s other customers, Jose Uribe, later admitted planting the pack he believed contained methamphetamine. Harroz allegedly told Uribe that she wanted him to plant the evidence “as an act of revenge” for testifying against one of her clients by someone who lived in the apartment. She directed Uribe to contact his dealer on a drug trafficking case and report that drugs were being sold out of the house, Iski said.

Harroz was later charged with witness manipulation related to the incident in September 2019. These fees are still pending.

Harroz’s bar license was suspended by the Oklahoma Supreme Court in February 2020, according to Tulsa World.

She was also charged in federal court in Oklahoma City of buying a gun for Titus just a month before the shooting, and later pleaded guilty to counting a single federal gun. She was sentenced to two years in prison in March on these charges.

Titus was also accused in the federal incident of possessing firearms “with the knowledge that he was an unlawful user of a controlled substance at the time”. He received a three-year federal sentence, the newspaper reports.

In the case of triple murder, Titus and Harroz are each exposed to three cases of premeditated murder and one case of first-degree burglary. You are both currently in federal custody, said Iski.

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