Key Glock Proves He’s On Another Level in “I’m The Type” Visual

With his relentless appetite for flexion and the bankroll to support it, Key Glock is nothing like these other guys. Key Glock is determined to prove that it is above average.I’m the type, “His new single. Blessed with a ringing piano from Band playIn “I’m The Type” Glizzock gives a methodological overview to explain why he’s sicker than the average presenter: “I’m the type of n **** that gives six digits for my wrist. ** This is stress about the rent. “Although the piano is very similar to the Bridal March, Key Glock is clear throughout the song that he’s not the type to get married and shows his Playboy attitude with blunt power sticks:” Glizzock pulled up that new bang with an open top / Then he left with your girlfriend and knocked her socks off. “I’m The Type” is Glock’s follows the standout single “From the porch,that came complete with an eye-catching music video (2.7 million views).

Signed at Young Delph‘s Paper route REICH The Key Glock label established itself as a Bonafide star in 2020 and reached the top 40 on the Billboard 200 with two different projects and without guest artists. His May mixtape Son of a gun reached number 37 on the Billboard 200. January was a successful one Yellow ribbonwho hosted successful singles like “Look at her“, The polite one “Mr. GlockAnd the scary one “I’m just saying ‘.Praised by pitchfork, complexand more, the project reached number 16 on the Billboard 200.

His two 2020 releases build on the success of 2019 Dumb & stupid, the rapper’s cooperation project with Young Dolph. Most recently, the 23-year-old rapper was released “Never change,a new video single from Band play (2 million views). At the beginning of this year, Glock connected with Glock for the urgent case “closed case” and again with Glock for “closed case”Green light, “An excerpt from Dolph’s Deluxe Edition Rich slave Album.

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