Key Glock Shares Picture Of Himself With Young Dolph

Key Glock shared a photo of themselves with Young Dolph on Saturday.

Key Glock posted a photo of himself with the late rapper Young Dolph on Instagram on Saturday. Dolph was shot and killed while collecting biscuits for his mother in his hometown of Memphis.

The post also contains lyrics from Dolph’s track “Talking To My Scale”.

Glock was related to Dolph as a cousin by marriage and the two worked together on numerous occasions, with Glock even being considered Dolph’s protégé. He is one of the most notable acts on the Paper Route Empire label.

Bennett Raglin / Getty Images

Glock recently shared a statement on Instagram reflecting on losing Dolph as well as other family members in recent years.

“Damn it, brother, I’m LOST,” he headed the post. “My heart is torn, my brain is about to explode, it hurts when I breathe … why are you leaving me so early ?? I will never be the same again, you were my left hand, my brother, my cousin, my mentor and drinking partner. “

He continued: “I know that we cannot question GOD, but GOD why ?! There’s nothing no one can do or say to bring you back and this shit is eating me up by the second !! N *** a you were Phil Jackson and I was your MJ. Do you remember that I told you that I would get you back no matter what? I GUARANTEE IT !! Words really can’t explain how I really feel right now .. I feel sick! Peace doesn’t even work … all I see is DARKNESS, only GOD knows how much you mean to me. ”

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