Kicked out of strip membership, well-armed man fires shotgun blasts at constructing, complaint alleges | Crime

Leonard was jailed on $ 1,000 bail after appearing in court Thursday. Court Commissioner Karie Cattanach said “the behavior in the complaint is extremely egregious” and Leonard “could have killed someone”. She declined to sign up as recommended by a pre-trial evaluation.

Despite the address in Holmen, near La Crosse, Assistant District Attorney Awais Khaleel said Leonard was from Mississippi and had very limited connections with the Madison area.

According to the complaint:

The sheriff’s deputies were called after a man was reported to have fired shots in the Club Bristol parking lot. The man went in a red pickup. The club employee said he had previously seen the man, who looked very drunk, face another patron and repeatedly said, “We don’t take loans, we don’t take loans.”

The man, later identified as Leonard, resisted an attempt to get him to leave, but ultimately did. About 10 seconds after the door was closed, the clerk told MPs that he had heard three gunshots. He went to a side door and saw Leonard in his pickup truck firing shotguns at Club Bristol.

Another person at the club told a vicar that she thought Leonard would come in and “kill people”.

The security video showed that after Leonard was escorted out of the club, he got into his truck and drove it. He hit two vehicles in the parking lot as he positioned his truck parallel to Club Bristol. Then he fired three to five shots. When the club employee comes outside, Leonard shoots three to five more shots, according to the video.

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