Kimber K6s .357 Magnum Target Revolver Review

Kimbers are known for their 1911s, but the Kimber K6s .357 revolver is just as beautiful. This weapon is a finely crafted revolver with a lot of power.

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This revolver has a different recoil impulse. It is a smooth weapon with a low-glare brushed stainless steel frame. The Kimber K6s offers other key design features such as:

  • A smooth print in match quality that creates trust while ensuring accuracy.
  • An internal hammer and rounded and mixed edges prevent hanging when the revolver is taken out of its hiding place.
  • Superior ergonomics and handle design for an extremely gunner-friendly experience.
  • An all stainless steel construction weighing 23 ounces.

The thinness of this weapon compared to other revolvers is remarkable. This thinness makes it easier to carry on a belt and to carry this revolver concealed.

The walnut handles are beautiful on the Kimber K6s .357. This handle is smaller but you feel like you have good gun control.

All controls of the Kimber K6s .357 revolver are smooth and simple. With a double-action or single-action trigger, the trigger trigger of this revolver is a thing of beauty; it’s very smooth and has a nice break. The smooth, match-grade trigger is one of the best revolver triggers I’ve ever come across. The Kimber K6s .357’s double-action trigger pull weighs 7 lbs. 11.6 ounces. The single-action trigger pull weighs 3 pounds 4 ounces.

The Kimber K6s .357 has recessed cylinders. When the rounds go down they go into the chamber. If you have overpressure it won’t be from the outside and you won’t have a catastrophic explosion from the outside. It allows the cylinder to travel closer to the back strap and the firing cylinder.

Kimber The K6s .357 revolver offers an unmatched level of performance and shooting ability when concealed. They appreciate this weapon because of the quality and how beautiful this well-made piece is.

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