King Cobras gang member is accused of possessing a 3D printed semi-automatic weapon

Following an incident in Māngere East, a man was arrested and two firearms were confiscated. Photo / Hayden Woodward

A not guilty admission was held for a member of the King Cobras gang accused of possessing a 3D printed semi-automatic weapon – among other weapon-related crimes.

The temporary name suppression remains for the 24-year-old. The defendant was absent today as a brief hearing was held on his behalf in the Manukau District Court.

Police said they visited an address in East Tamaki on November 6, where a 3D-printed firearm and ammunition were located.

“A search warrant was subsequently issued at an address in Ōtāhuhu where air rifles were located,” a police spokesman told the Herald earlier.

The 3D weapon was identified as the FGC-9 JStark1809 – a semi-automatic pistol, the design of which was published on the Internet in 2020.

The man was also charged with possession of 9mm caliber ammunition, punishable by up to four years in prison, and unauthorized possession of an illegal magazine for the bullets, punishable by up to two years in prison.

The man was also charged with another crime involving a shooting on October 30 in Māngere.

Police were called to a shooting along Yates Rd in Māngere at around 10:30 am on October 30th.

A witness told the Herald that a man believed to be a member of the King Cobra gang was ripped off his motorcycle and gunshots could be heard. But no one was injured, the police said.

A man was arrested on the day of the shooting and police said they spoke to a number of gang members.

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