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Editor: In response to William Seifert’s “Gun Control Time”, I would like to request a reality check. I will use his own statements. “Time for meaningful gun control,” okay, list that “meaningful gun control” for us.

We hear the same line over and over but don’t see any reasonable examples. “..Easier to get a gun than a driver’s license”. It’s in Arizona after going through a background check and fingerprinting the state and FBI to get a CCW permit.

What is your example “… licensing of every weapon”; Also, let’s license your freedom of speech, freedom to fair trial, freedom of assembly, and so on. “..My right not to live in fear ..”; Then lock yourself in your house because there may be a car or a rabid coyote waiting for you outside. “..Automatic weapons ..”; My goodness you people. AR-15 means Autolite Rifle Model 15, it is a platform like many cars, planes, drones, etc.

It is a versatile platform for the owner to add options of their choosing. Many hunting rifles and shotguns use exactly this platform. It’s not “automatic”!

Military rifles are a different breed. If you went to war with an AR15, you will die, brother. They are not military weapons. They are semi-automatic, just like a double action revolver. They only fire when you pull the trigger (or run out of ammunition). “… NRA against sensible gun control …”; Okay, that right there tells me someone is not paying attention. The NRA was and was proposing “meaningful” gun control, which means “the right to bear, not injure, arms”. You guys keep bringing up loopholes in the gun show. Okay where are you and who did it? Why is that never mentioned? Have you ever tried to buy a gun at a gun show? I have dealt with many gun shops in this town and I can tell you that these people are not going to put themselves or their businesses illegally selling to anyone at risk. Where exactly are these “gaps in the gun show”? We have freedom of speech. However, if you want to spread lies and false information, then doesn’t free speech need to be licensed and insured? We don’t want freedom of expression in the wrong hands, do we? My goodness you people.

Kurt Krueger

Lake Havasu City

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