La Horquetta girl, 64, on gun charges granted $.4m bail

News Jada Loutoo 8 hours ago

A 64-year-old La Horquetta woman was given $ 400,000 bail after she was accused of importing firearms and ammunition from the United States without a license.

Sandra Wright practically appeared before Judge Indar Jagroo on Wednesday on charges of alleged discovery of four cannons and a lot of ammunition in a cargo barrel by customs and excise officials on Monday.

Wright was ordered to report to the La Horquetta Police Station on Mondays and Saturdays as part of the judge’s bail conditions.

She was represented by attorney Josiah Soo Hon.

In a release on Tuesday, the police said a customs and excise officer examined the contents of a cargo barrel at around 8:45 a.m. on Monday and found a sealed bucket under the contents. The bucket was scanned and when opened it contained a black sticky substance.

The publication said a pole was used to remove a black plastic bag from the bucket and that packages wrapped in transparent plastic were allegedly found.

The police said during the investigation that the contents of the packages were: a Taurus nine-millimeter pistol with two magazines and ten rounds of nine-millimeter ammunition; 23 rounds of 40 millimeter ammunition and seven .380 rounds of ammunition; an SCCY pistol, two magazines, and three rounds of nine-millimeter ammunition; a Glock 43 pistol, two magazines, and three rounds of nine-millimeter ammunition; and a Ruger LCP pistol, a magazine and six rounds of .380 rounds of ammunition.

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