Leaked Proposal ~ ATF’s New Rules Take on “Ghost Guns” By Serializing Blocks of Metal

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WASHINGTON, DC –- (Ammoland.com) – A new proposal from the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives (ATF) on unfinished gun frames has been posted on the Internet.

Stephen Gutowski reports on his newly launched website “The Reload” that he has received documentation (embedded below), from which it emerges that the ATF plans to deal with so-called “Ghost Guns”. AmmoLand News has sent this document to our ATF contacts. While they were unable to verify the legitimacy of this exact document, everything appeared to be formatted correctly and includes changes that AmmoLand News has reported on in the past. Our sources believe this document is authentic.

AmmoLand News also reached out to Gutowski and asked if he could provide evidence that the documentation was genuine. He stated that he could not relinquish his sources but was confident that the document was legitimate.

“I received the document through a source, but no good journalist ever reveals its confidential sources which provide important information the public deserves to put themselves or their livelihood at risk, as you know.” Gutowski told AmmoLand News.

“I can say that I am convinced of the authenticity of the document.”

According to the report, any random part that the user could “easily” convert into a firearm would be subject to ATF regulations. As in the past, the document does not define what the term “easily convertible” means. This term could mean that any block of metal could be “easily converted into a firearm”. In fact, the document shows that the ATF used a legal process that took the user eight hours to turn a kit into a weapon. The document highlights the need for a full machine shop and skilled labor to complete a firearm would not fall under the proposed rules.

The document would mean that 80% new AR-15 receivers, pieces of metal, would need a serial number and get a background check from the buyer before the seller can transfer them as they could be easily convertible with “readily available”. Tools. The document demonizes the modern sporting rifle by highlighting that Eugene Stoner originally designed the rifle for military use.

The document defines a frame or receiver as “a portion of a firearm that provides a housing or structure for holding or integrating one or more fire protection components, even if pins or attachments are required to connect those components to the housing or structure. Such part marked with a serial number will be considered a frame or recipient without any official determination from the director or other reliable evidence to the contrary. For the purposes of this definition, the term “fire control component” means any component necessary for the weapon to initiate or complete the firing sequence, including any of the following: hammer, bolt or breech, cylinder, trigger mechanism, firing pin, firing pin, or slide rail. “

The document claims that “ghost rifles” have been used in 325 murders over the past four years. Your definition of murder includes justified killings as well as self-defense. It doesn’t separate murders from total murders. Even if all of the 325 murders in the report were murders, that number is incredibly small. There are roughly 17,000 murders a year in the United States, and that is an average of 46 murders a day. The reported low number that they are trying to tie to so-called “ghost guns” shows that there is no problem.

Gun Owners of America is already preparing for battle. AmmoLand News spoke to Aidan Johnston, the GOA’s federal affairs director.

“This leaked document contains rule changes that greatly affect gun owners and the centuries-old practice of making a firearm at home,” Johnston told AmmoLand News. “Gun Owners of America is ready to fight these absurd” rules “- violations of the AKA – at every turn.”

The documentation states that it does not contradict previously issued letters of assessment. AmmoLand News has not been able to determine if this means that unfinished frames and recipients with letters currently being sold are exempt from the new regulations. In this case, companies could resell their current product but not introduce new products. The document would also require serialization of the barrel and other parts.

A bomb in the same document is a plan to relax the rules for suppressors by no longer requiring manufacturers to serialize individual suppressor parts. Only the outer container needs to be serialized when the ATF puts the new regulation into effect.

The language seems to simplify the manufacture of mufflers by reducing the number of parts to serialize. What it also does is ban 80% silencers, also called solvent traps. From the document on page 26:

“These new definitions would make it clear to manufacturers and manufacturers of complete silencing or attenuating devices that they only need to label each part (or specific parts previously determined by the director) of the device that is defined as a“ frame or receiver ”under this rule . However, individual silencer or silencer parts must be labeled if they are disposed of separately from a complete device, unless they are transferred by qualified manufacturers to other qualified licensees for the manufacture or repair of complete devices (see Section II.H.9 of the preamble ) .4 ”

More on this groundbreaking story follows.

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