Leesburg police nab two men on hefty drug and weapons charges

Jovante DeShawn Hall

Two men were arrested Tuesday night after Leesburg police received a call about the passenger in a vehicle with a gun while they were smoking narcotics near an unsecured toddler.

Crime Suppression Unit officials responded and located the vehicle in the Carver Heights area of ​​Leesburg as it pulled into a residence on Mispah Avenue. An official watched narcotics in sight as the passenger, 19-year-old Jovante DeShawn Hall, was removed from the vehicle, a report said.

Hall was found to have had a quantity of methamphetamine (46.5 grams) in one sachet and three more grams in a separate sachet. After a loaded 45-caliber Ruger 345 semi-automatic pistol was found at his feet, everyone in the vehicle was arrested, the report said.

Malcolm Lamont Taylor

A K-9 officer was asked to help search the vehicle and there was another large bag of 56.2 grams of methamphetamine in the passenger door.

Officers searched the driver’s side of the vehicle and found another loaded 9mm SCCY semi-automatic pistol that had been reported stolen. There was a bag of suspicious heroin in the center console and a small amount of marijuana was recovered, leading to the arrest of driver Malcolm Lamont Taylor, 24.

Both Hall and Taylor were taken to the police for booking and then taken to the Marion County Jail. Hall, who resides in 13378 SE 102nd Ct. in Belleview, wearing a ski mask rolled up on his head when he was arrested, was charged with:

  • Carrying a hidden, unlicensed firearm;
  • Use / display of a firearm during a crime;
  • Trade in methamphetamine (14 grams or more);
  • Possession of a controlled substance without a prescription (heroin);
  • Possession of marijuana (no more than 20 grams); and
  • Parole violators on previous allegations of trafficking in amphetamine, possession of methamphetamine, and possession of cocaine.

Hall is being held bail on new $ 152,000 bond charges and parole violations and is due in court on June 15 at 8:30 a.m.
Taylor, who at 1403 Braebury Dr. lives in Leesburg, was charged with:

  • Theft / aggravated theft of a firearm;
  • Carrying a hidden, unlicensed firearm;
  • Possession of a weapon or ammunition by a convicted criminal;
  • Use / display of a firearm during a crime;
  • Possession of marijuana (no more than 20 grams);
  • Possession of a controlled substance without a prescription (heroin); and
  • Drive knowingly while driving license is suspended.

Taylor was held on a $ 30,000 bond and will have to respond in court at 8:30 a.m. on June 15 to respond to the charges.

Hall and a woman who worked at Taco Bell at The Villages were arrested last year after a Lake County sheriff’s assistant stopped their vehicle and discovered cocaine, a large amount of cash, and a loaded gun. Hall was arrested on drug charges, driving without a license and because the vehicle was not properly tagged. He was also cited for speeding 54 mph in a 35 mile zone.

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