Lehigh Acres teen arrested for police chase through Miami Beach

SOUTH BEACH, Florida – A Lehigh Acres teenage boy led the police on a massive car chase through Miami Beach.

Officials reportedly tried to stop a black four-door Cadillac ATS because it had a stop sign, but the driver refused to stop and fled police.

A short time later, the car was discovered on 1st Street and Ocean Drive. Officers say the Cadillac drove on the wrong side of the street, wiped a patrol car, and drove erratically until it was on Washington Ave. stopped where three women and the driver got out and a Lehigh Acres teenager jumped behind the wheel.

The teenager led police across the city on a massive chase, fell through vehicles stuck in traffic and on other property, and put the lives of several pedestrians at risk. One of the officers was almost hit on his motorcycle but managed to evade being hit.

The driver drove against the traffic on 11th Street until he broke barricades and sped through Lummus Park. He eventually finished a parked car and tried to escape, but was attacked by officers who continued to oppose the arrest until they were sentenced to submission.

According to investigators, a search revealed that the car was stolen and that there was a Glock with an expanded magazine in the driver’s seat.

The teen is faced with a list of charges, including carrying a hidden gun, a grand theft auto, and evading the police.

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