Letter: Congressional Minority Rules | Letters to the Editor

Right now, obstruction in Congress makes Biden and his agenda look bad by blocking any law on long overdue public services. The opposing party then hopes voters will re-elect them to power in the next election cycle.

The first thing that comes out of Muffle-Lip Mitch’s will be, “Well, you guys wanted the filibuster removed.” After that, pro-life, anti-gay, anti-union, pro-corporate, and pro-gun laws will be passed, along with a 24/7 appointment of unqualified Conservative judges.

We won’t get our universal health coverage, but we will have lots of unwanted children, poorer working conditions, and tough immigration laws. You will be told what you can and cannot teach or learn. Women’s health centers are closed. You can assume that the corruption in corporate congress is worse than any term limit would help.

On the plus side, Raytheon will be lobbying in February 2024 to make AR15 ammunition with nuclear warheads available to the public. Raytheon just drafts a bill, then Congress passes it!

Disclaimer: As filed with the Arizona Daily Star.

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