LETTER: Frostman wrong about assault rifles | Opinion

Scott Frostman’s columns in the Baraboo News Republic and sister newspapers are littered with untruths. Among the worst was his June 3rd propaganda on gun rights. Frostman claimed that the federal government’s definition of an assault rifle as “a semi-automatic rifle that can accommodate a detachable magazine containing a cartridge larger than .22 caliber. . . . would cover basically every single modern sporting rifle in America today. “

Frostman couldn’t be more wrong. The definition Frostman was referring to does not refer to the most popular modern sporting rifle in American history, the Leveraged Winchester, not a semi-automatic one. Leverage Winchesters can be seen in every television and movie westerns you’ve ever seen. Other non-semi-automatic sporting rifles are bolt action rifles, which are the choice of serious big game hunters; Push or “pump” action; and break action. Frostman may be the only hunter in Wisconsin who doesn’t know these basic facts unless he lied, of course.

In another column, Frostman mistakenly described the January 6th Washington, DC uprising as “some crazy agitators who stir up discord.” But don’t expect his editor to correct the untruths or apologize. It just never happened before.

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