Letter: GOP pushes euphoria thru AKs, ARs and Opioids | Letters to the Editor

After complaints by Brett Kavanaugh, the House is ready to bolster protection for the Radical Supreme Court Justices. The Senate will obviously go to bat for their comrades in arms.

Yet, when it comes to protecting our nation’s children, elderly, shoppers, worshipers and patients from mass shootings, bupkis, nada, shaya, wú, niente, nichto, nishcho. The Radical gun-pushers, and their political GOP supporters and employees, like their opioid-pushing relatives, never mention the word “guns,” except to say, “Guns don’t kill people. People kill people.” I say, “People WITH GUNS kill people, en masse.”

Opioids don’t kill people until sold and someone ingests them with a promise of elation and euphoria. Addiction comes when that early dose no longer provides joy, so they make the mistake of taking more, thinking that will make it better, make them more powerful.

Guns incur the same addiction. The feeling of power the first time you shoot an AK47 or AR15 assault weapon gives you that same rapture.

Disclaimer: As submitted to the Arizona Daily Star.

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