Letter: What about an AR15 where you and your family may be? | Letters to the Editor

We must rewrite and enforce gun regulations. We must require training before purchase – common sense, not “gun confiscation,” as instillers of fear claim. “Good guys” should demand some training to defend their families more effectively.

Once trained, that weapon and the owner must be registered/licensed “in order to form a well-regulated militia,” should that need ever occur. Additionally, the weapon may not be released from any seller without proof of insurance, just like an automobile.

Suppose someone is injured or killed by a weapon, accidentally or deliberately. The insurance must pay up to the insurance’s cap, minus deductibles, paid by the owner – common sense, not “gun confiscation,” as instillers of fear claim.

Assault weapons (ARs/AKs) and large-capacity magazines are not meant for anything but killing. Therefore, weapons intended for defense must be locked or in a locked gun safe.

We have been concentrating on in-school shootings. What about playgrounds, churches, grocery stores, shopping malls, workplaces, streets, pools, bars, clubs, weddings – somewhere YOU may be?

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Disclaimer: As submitted to the Arizona Daily Star.

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