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I saw the Kyle Rittenhouse Trial and In my opinion, justice has been done. Reporters and commentators in the liberal media made false allegations that the rioters were peaceful, the AR15 was imported from abroad, labeled Kyle a racist, and Kyle was an active shooter who randomly shot peaceful demonstrators.

Whatever happened to innocent people until proven guilty in a court of law. One has to wonder what the hell these three were up to that night to order late night takeout pizza.

This is a classic example of what happens when local politicians serve the radical Marxist lively mob, which orders the police to step back and leave the citizens with no other choice.

I remember the “92” riot in LA, where Korean businessmen armed themselves to protect lives and property after the LAPD was withdrawn. Tell the wise … never make death threats followed by a physical attack on an armed person, especially one.

A lesson for all liberal politicians who support the police and bow to the will of the lawless Marxist bright mob, never forsake the citizens you allegedly serve and support your local police force.

Those white radical Marxist protesters protesting in court with BLM signs, the color of the Kyle case was never an issue. Will the same white Marxist protesters protest against the streets of downtown America as Chicago, where the mass murder of youth and their perpetrators are both black, no! this is what gives them the purpose to justify their existence.

In truth, I support freedom of the press in reporting. Should the liberal media be held responsible for misinforming the public with propaganda, which leads to racist tension. Once again, underestimate the power of the media. I see multi-million dollar libel lawsuits on the horizon.

Global warming is serious

TThe following text is called from two AV Press articles. They are: “Out of time: Climate talks go beyond the deadline for coal and cash”, published on November 13, 2021, and “Nations strike climate agreement with a controversial coal compromise”, published on November 14, 2021. The 11/13/21 article quoted Mr. John Kerry, the US climate ambassador, “a definition of insanity” that trillions have been spent to subsidize fossil fuels worldwide.

“We allow nourishing the very problem that we are trying to heal here. It doesn’t make sense. ”Both articles contain many important details. They should be read.

In addition, after taking into account the most recently published scientific report on climate change, the large gap between correction targets and actual successes was pointed out.

United Nations Secretary General Antonio Guterres said: “People are digging our own graves. We should not allow the path of greed and selfishness to sow the seeds of our common destruction. ”That says it all.

In the 11/14/21 article, Guterres is quoted as saying: “We are still knocking on the door of the climate catastrophe.” However, Mr. Kerry said: “It is good business for the world. There are a few problems, but all in all it’s very good business. “ As an advocate of reducing global warming and paying attention to our climate scientists, I am more inclined to share the position of the UN Secretary-General.

Not enough US citizens take global warming problems seriously. However, our grandchildren surely will, for they will try to survive on a dying plant.

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