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Sports shooters proud Canadians

Dear editor:

Subject: Two types of gun control required (Jim Taylor column, Feb.20):

Here’s a look from my side of the fence as a gun owner.

The hunt is part of a big cake in the gun world of Canada. And the people I know who hunt bring a modern weapon because bolt action can’t get a follow-up shot fast enough for an ethical kill. Yes, sometimes it happens that the animal does not go down in one fell swoop.

We have many shooting sports that particularly require AR15, modern weapons and pistols. It probably represents the majority of our community.

The AR15 is the world standard for modern sport shooting weapons. Three-Gun and IPSC competitions use these firearms to compete on the world stage.

All weapon and control manipulation practice is based on this rifle. Banning these weapons will only harm our community of over two million – and will not prevent the gun crime, which involves firearms, most of which have been smuggled out of the United States.

In addition, Canadian gun manufacturers design guns based on input from civilians who have invested thousands of hours in the art form.

Many shooters live in Toronto, Vancouver, Montreal and other cities, and we already have very strict, strict storage and transportation laws.

All firearms must be locked and kept in a safe or closet for safekeeping. Restricted ones like AR15 and pistols require this and the direct route from A to B.

Taylor doesn’t see gun owners in town because we can’t just carry them around openly. Locked on the trigger and locked again in one case is required. We live among you and everyone else, but we don’t show it.

In addition, every gun owner has their criminal records checked daily to identify anyone who may have committed an act of violence.

Firearms in Canada is a $ 10 billion industry that involves many Canadians. Restrictions harm gun shops, clubs, ranges and jobs from then on and the close community.

I encourage your columnist to speak to someone who does this as a hobby and passion. It’s not just a hobby, it’s a lifestyle, a community, and a heritage.

It’s very Canadian too!

Ben Lee, Vancouver

Quick access to medical services

Dear editor:

Until most of us gain immunity after vaccination, the current health regime inevitably persists.

I admit that COVID-19 has created residues and bothered many of us seeking medical care, but there are accessible workarounds that are not in the hospital emergency room.

Most medical clinics offer same day phone opening hours by phone. If the problem requires a non-emergency physical exam, this may lead to a personal appointment.

There are other options, but I’ll only speak to the ones I’ve used. BC Healthlink (dial 811) provides 24/7 health advice and is a useful first port of call for determining how to deal with a health problem.

Telus has partnered with the province through an online app called Babylon to offer a range of services that are paid for by BC’s Medical Services Plan

The Babylon by Telus Health App is a free download with access to licensed healthcare professionals on weekdays and weekends.

My experience with Babylon was quick and productive. I booked an online appointment the next day with a BC doctor who discussed the symptoms with me and offered various solutions. I took off a prescribed drug later that day.

My need for medical care along with a treatment plan was resolved in less than 24 hours. If we choose to accept and adapt, timely and expanded access to medical services is now available.

Pati Hill, summer land

Hunters kill with less cruelty

Dear editor:

Subject: Two types of gun control required (Jim Taylor column, Feb.20):

While Taylor seeks to bypass the fringes of the typical anti-gun townspeople, his tendency is clearly evident in his support for the new, wasteful and ineffective arms control policies of the Liberals. They have been targeted by law enforcement agencies and even the majority of the media sees it as an attempt to portray the liberals as tough on gun violence when in reality they are only seeking urban anti-gun votes.

Taylor states that “he tries to sympathize to some extent with legal gun owners and hunters”. He cannot understand why anyone in modern society has to hunt game for food and will “never understand how hunters can enjoy killing”.

Almost all hunters enjoy the many days they spend on wilderness roads and trails. Those of us who are fortunate enough to be successful enjoy the beautiful, natural, antibiotic and growth hormone free meat that feeds us and our families.

A majority take responsibility for killing an animal with sincere reverence, and make every effort to ensure a clean, rapid kill that does not unnecessarily harm the animal. Most experience mixed sadness and elation at the same time after being successful. Animals caught by hunters are generally less afraid than domestic animals and poultry, which are herded to death along kill chutes in slaughterhouses.

Andy Richards, Sommerland

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