Lobby group emphasizes need for gun safety after EC boy was accidentally shot

Breakfast host Refilwe Moloto talks to Claire Taylor from Gun Free South Africa about gun safety after a tragic incident at the Easter Cape.

  • Gun Free SA emphasized the importance of gun safety after a 7-year-old boy was killed in an accidental shootout
  • Kwanele Zide was shot with a gun that his 11-year-old cousin found under a mattress
  • Having a gun in the home carries a number of risks, whether it’s licensed or not

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Gun Free South Africa says that gun owners should always keep their firearms safe to minimize the risk of unauthorized or accidental access to guns, especially by children.

A seven-year-old boy was shot dead Sunday when he and his two cousins ​​found a gun under the bed at their home in Libode, Eastern Cape.

Police say Kwanele Zide was fatally wounded when his 11-year-old cousin fumbled with the gun identified as a 9mm pistol.

The gun is said to have belonged to his 49-year-old grandfather, who was arrested for illegally possessing weapons and ammunition.

Claire Taylor, a researcher at Gun Free SA, says secure storage practices help prevent unauthorized access to firearms.

A gun is kept safe when locked in a safe and unloaded with the safe keys out of the reach of children, she says.

According to Taylor, international research shows that young children cannot distinguish between a real gun and a toy gun.

She also says research has shown that “protecting children with guns” is ineffective. Gun safety is when an adult tells a child to never touch a gun or gun parts if found in their home or with someone else.

Taylor says secure storage practices help combat gun theft, accidental shootings, gun suicide, and domestic violence.

I think it underscores the importance of having a gun in the household that it must be kept safely. Safekeeping means that the gun is unloaded and locked in a safe and the safe keys are out of the reach of children.

Claire Taylor, Researcher – Gun-Free South Africa

You can’t expect kids not to pick up or play with a gun even after you’ve told them not to. It is your responsibility as an adult to ensure that your child does not have access to the gun.

Claire Taylor, Researcher – Gun-Free South Africa

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