Local gun range owner reacts to President Biden’s gun control remarks | News

BILLINGS – After the terrible shootings in Boulder, Colorado, on Monday, President Biden said it was possible to ban “high-capacity assault weapons and magazines” in the country.

We spoke to the owner of the Black Butte Range in Billings about the situation.

“His family should have done something. This is just a prime example of the mental health problems in the world. He’s been looking for ‘assault weapons’ which has a very vague definition. There are no military-style weapons. There is an MSR that has a modern sport rifle, and that’s what it actually strives for, “said owner Andrew Stapleton.

He says there is sometimes confusion from customers in his business.

“If someone walks in and says, ‘Hey, I want an assault rifle,’ I usually stop immediately. We don’t sell assault weapons. Attack is an action. I don’t want you to attack anyone with your weapon,” Stapleton said.

Stapleton believes many magazines would pop off the shelves as the president created new gun laws. He says that a high capacity magazine is defined and contains more than 10 rounds.

“The majority of guns sold worldwide is what it would classify as a high-cap magazine,” said Stapleton.

He says that while he understands the president’s concerns, he doesn’t believe that more gun legislation would get rid of the violence.

“The people who say that if the guns were illegal he couldn’t have carried out this shooting don’t understand that drugs have been illegal for years and there are still drug pandemics around the world,” Stapleton said.

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