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About the editor: Here we go again. Big News Miner editorial titled “Biden Aims the 2nd Amendment” to excite us gun owners in Alaska. In recognizing that the massive gun killings in the US have targeted innocent people and young children, it makes sense to me that some sensible laws are needed to stop these killings and I am a gun owner and want my guns to keep.

However, my weapons are not assault weapons (unfortunately correctly named) which the news miner called “AR15 style” to avoid the word “attack” for which they were designed. And for hunting, I don’t see a need for a magazine that holds more than six cartridges (the one I have is a .22 bolt-action rifle, not a semi-automatic).

It is always the loud, big threat that we are losing our rights under the second amendment and the government has a subversive plan to take our rights away that is attracting attention. There is no plan to change the second amendment, which should be known to be passed by a majority of both congress houses, not just the president. What is proposed and needed is the regulation (not the ban) of weapons intended for military operations and not for hunting recreational or subsistence game.

Until the recent mass murders of innocent Americans, hunters did not, and did not have to, go into the field with assault weapons and equipment that made them look like military combat personnel.

The NRA was once a respected sports organization. Now it’s a runaway military gun lobby organization run by selfish promoters who took the organization’s heart (and money) and bankrupt it. NRA loud-mouthed NRA spokesman Wayne LaPierre went unnoticed by many and received outrageously over $ 1,000,000 a year, excluding thousands more, which he took as a travel benefit.

So think about it clearly and help make decisions that save lives and allow and uphold logical gun rights for all of us.

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