Low turnout, low drama mark rally for jailed pro-Trump rioters

“Our hearts and minds go with the people who are being persecuted so unfairly in connection with the January 6 protests against the rigged presidential election,” he said. “It has conclusively proven, along with everything else, that we are a two-tier judicial system. In the end, however, JUSTICE will prevail! “

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Capitol Police Chief J. Thomas Manger faced his first major hurdle as the chief officer of a department plagued by mismanagement and unpreparedness until Jan. 6, including officers from the Washington, DC, Metropolitan Police Department, and police departments in Montgomery County, Maryland; and Arlington County, Virginia. The Pentagon also approved that 100 DC National Guard troops await the demonstration.

Ahead of the rally, a Capitol Police intelligence review found that police and other law enforcement agencies were discovering increasingly violent online gossip about the protest.

A discussion thread on the far right side 4chan showed calls to “do justice” against “local Jews and corrupt officials”. In addition, the demonstration should be used as an opportunity to engage in violent acts against local “Jewish centers and liberal churches” while the prosecution is distracted. Another comment from the thread was, “I’ll be there with my AR15 even though I can’t legally have a f *** against the demonstrators.”

Nine members of Congress were invited to attend the rally, but none appeared. Invited were: Republican Sens. Ted Cruz from Texas, Tommy Tuberville from Alabama, and Mike Lee from Utah; and GOP Reps. Louie Gohmert from Texas, Lauren Boebert from Colorado, Madison Cawthorn from North Carolina, Paul Gosar from Arizona, Marjorie Taylor Greene from Georgia and Matt Gaetz from Florida.

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