Mailbag: Get some slugs for your 12-gauge | Letters

I found Larry Ciafoni’s letter (March 4th) about gun laws a bit humorous.

I’m not sure if that was his intention, but when he said, “According to Jackson Lee, this law will effectively prohibit AR15 owners from firing .50 caliber ammunition from their AR15, which AR15 owners are sure to find extremely worrying . My answer to that was somewhere between a snort and a laugh. An AR15 is a .223 caliber rifle. Without a custom barrel and possibly a new receiver, not even .50 caliber ammunition will load.

There are few vendors for the custom .50 caliber cartridges that will work with the modified rifle. What I think most AR15 owners would worry about is the high cost of modifying their rifle and the very high cost per round for the .50 caliber ammunition.

Given the specificity of HB-127, I am sure that the manufacturers of the custom kegs and ammunition will soon be offering .495 caliber cartridges and kegs for sale.

I suspect that the other provisions of the draft law will be quickly discarded due to the costs and bureaucratic burden involved. I think it’s similar to President Trump’s promise to build a border wall – an obvious confrontation with a political base that is doomed to fail.

If you’re one of those boys who needs big bullets, get some bullets for your 12-gauge shotgun. The barrel diameter corresponds to about 0.74 calibers. Personally, I stick with double the money.

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