Mailbag: Gun confiscation a Democratic goal | Letters

Democratic Congresswoman Sheila Jackson Lee sponsors HB 127, called the Sabika Sheikh Firearm Licensing and Registration Act.

According to Jackson Lee, this law will effectively prohibit AR15 gun owners from firing .50 caliber ammunition from their AR15s, which AR15 owners are sure to find extremely worrying. This law would be administered by the United States Attorney General. Here are some of the lowlights from this act:

1. Every weapon is registered, including when it is purchased, by whom and where it is stored. The owner must obtain a license from the AG.

2. The above information is shared by law enforcement agencies and the public

3. The license holder undergoes a psychological assessment and a 24-hour training course.

4. Antique firearms exhibited in the household require a license (yes, a different one) stating where and how they are displayed in order to be approved by the AG.

5. Firearms classified as military firearms require a license and some are prohibited. The bill lists certain (but not included) firearms that are considered military.

6. A license is required to purchase and own ammunition (previously four). Possession of .50 caliber ammunition is prohibited.

And of course there are fines and jail terms for violations. Jackson Lee doesn’t say what this bill would do, but we all know its purpose. It won’t make the public any safer, but it will turn millions of law-abiding citizens into criminals if they are not compliant. This is the first step towards firearms seizure, a longstanding democratic goal.

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