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If you’re the type who makes an excellent creme brulee and understands the important relationship between fire and food, the GrillGun: The Ultimate Grill Torch is the burning accessory you need. This propane torch is discounted to $ 149.99 and will help you become a master chef in the kitchen or grilling.

Light it up with GrillGun. If you don’t have time to waste, GrillGun will burn your charcoal in 60 seconds. The GrillGun not only makes the fire blaze, it can also be used to sear food directly. You can even tidy up afterwards by using the GrillGun to melt dirt directly from the grill grates.

The GrillGun is also made to go with you so you can have a quick campfire, a beach grill, or an epic tailgate. Although it is small, it is powerful. With an output of 400,000 BTU, the temperatures rise in flames 3,600 ° F. When used with small propane bottles and a vertical stand to put it down securely while cooking, there is no reason not to take this beyond your yard.

The GrillGun was successfully funded on Indiegogo, a crowdfunding platform for entrepreneurs. So enthusiastic about the project was users that 5,154 backers raised over $ 500,000.

Find out what these supporters were so convinced of when you bought your own GrillGun or GrillGun set with an adapter hose for a large propane tank. The GrillGun has been rated to have 18,000 ignitions in its lifetime and is a purchase that will keep you grilling for a long time to come.

GrillGun: The ultimate grill torch is currently 9% cheaper and reduced from $ 165 to $ 149.99. Grab these precious grill accessories for the grill master in your life. Get ready to light up this BBQ season.

GrillGun: The Ultimate Barbecue Torch – $ 149.99

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