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BLAIR COUNTY, PA (WTAJ) – An Altoona man faces multiple charges after police find him in possession of drugs and stolen firearms.

An officer was sent to a residence at 1211 1st Avenue in Altoona on Sunday evening for reports of suspicious drug activity. Upon arrival at the crime scene, a dark SUV was seen sitting outside the residence.

The officer found a woman in the front seat of the driver who said she lived in the apartment with her stepson. According to the report, the woman informed the officer that there were only two people in the house and she believed that one of the people she identified as Shawn had an active warrant.

The woman reportedly unlocked the residence door and the officer waited for assistance in the living room. Once inside you could hear individuals talking and walking around upstairs.

When two more officers arrived, they reportedly went up the stairs and announced their presence as Altoona police. The two people were in a bedroom in the hallway. When the officer knocked on the bedroom door, there were allegedly noises of storming around to be heard.

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An African American finally opened the door slowly. When the door was opened, the officer noticed that the room was filled with a thick smoke that allegedly came from marijuana. Another Caucasian man in the room was reportedly seen stretching his arm toward a bed that was lying on the floor.

When both men left the room, the Caucasian reportedly had his right hand behind his back. The officer grabbed his hand and allegedly found a lit marijuana cigarette. The officer then tried to arrest the man, but resisted by having his back to the wall and almost slapping his arms on the officer after the report. The other two officers helped and were able to handcuff him.

When the man was taken outside to a police vehicle, the officer entered the room where he reportedly noticed numerous items including several electronic scales, a small bag allegedly containing methamphetamine and lying on a semi-automatic pistol magazine, plastic bags of marijuana, several Cell phones and SIM cards, razor blades and a hypodermic needle.

Ryan Noel, 25 from Altoona

When the police interviewed the arrested man, he said he lived in the residence and rented the room where the police found him. It was later revealed that the man had $ 620 in his pocket in small denominations, which is in line with narcotics sales, the report said.

After the man was taken to Altoona Police, he was reportedly asked to provide his name. The man informed the officers that his name was Shawn. He was then placed in a cell while his name was being processed.

At the time, authorities reportedly found that the photo attached to the given name did not match the man in custody. When asked for his name, the detained man refused to give his correct name and reportedly asked for a lawyer. However, shortly thereafter, he informed an officer that he was 25-year-old Ryan Noel. His name was confirmed after processing.

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A search warrant later carried out at the residence revealed numerous items, including 1.5 pounds of marijuana, 5 grams of methamphetamine, a bag of 1 gram of heroin, 3 handguns, 9mm ammunition, additional magazines for one of the handguns, many sandwich and ziploc -Bag for packing the medication as well as several electronic scales and digital devices. All items were reportedly recovered from Noel’s bedroom.

All items confiscated during the search. Provided by the Altoona Police Department

A 9mm Ruger was on Noel’s bed under a pillow where it was allegedly seen by the officer reaching for the door. A Taurus .45 caliber pistol and a 9mm SCCY pistol were also recovered from the room. When both evidence was presented, both guns were returned as stolen.

According to the report, the owner of the Taurus .45 caliber pistol reclaimed the gun and informed authorities that the gun was stolen in a major break-in at the owner’s home that resulted in the theft of several firearms. The SCCY 9mm pistol was reportedly stolen from Waynesboro, GA.

A review of Noel’s criminal record revealed four offenses that he had alleged or found guilty of. Noel faces multiple charges, including obtaining stolen property, possession of banned firearms, possession with the intent to manufacture or supply them, opposition to the arrest, use and possession of drug paraphernalia, and misidentification of a law enforcement officer .

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