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ELKINS – A Harman man is behind bars after allegedly threatening to shoot people, escape law enforcement and expose himself to police officers.

Brian Michael Mullennex, 48, of Harman, is charged with willful exposure to a firearm and terrorist threats. Elkins Police Department Police Officer DE George and Corporal CG Boatwright responded to a call near DiBella’s Bar on Third Street in Elkins, according to a criminal complaint filed in Randolph County’s Magistrate Court at around 2:58 a.m. on Sunday .

George was the first to arrive and see a woman lying in the street.

“I arrived at the scene and observed … a male subject wearing a black T-shirt and camouflage shorts with a C-spine (spinal immobilization for the female wreck victim).” Boatwright wrote in the complaint. “I advised Patrolman George to try and locate the suspicious vehicle that supposedly has another male subject on the outside of the vehicle that jumped on it when it all started.”

The male subject who helped immobilize the victim said his name was Brian Mullennex and he was a combat physician, the complaint said.

“I advised him to keep holding the C-Spine and started looking for other injuries.” Boatwright wrote. “Randolph County EMS arrived on site and Mr. Mullennex gave you a detailed report of his observations with the woman.”

According to the complaint, Boatwright then heard screaming and learned that it was a man “Overdose” on the sidewalk on Henry Avenue.

“I ran over and saw a male subject who was bleeding from his head with several obvious injuries.” it says in the complaint. “It was also obvious that he wasn’t overdosing.”

The complaint says that Boatwright began assessing the man’s injuries while EMS was putting the patient on the ambulance. Boatwright then rode the ambulance to Davis Medical Center so that Randolph County’s emergency medical personnel could tend the male on the sidewalk. Upon his return to the scene, Boatwright found Mullennex as an assistant to EMS. Mullennex told Boatwright that he had also been hit by the car, but declined treatment.

“After the male was loaded, I advised Ptlm. George for testimony from individuals to include Mr. Mullennex. “ Boatwright writes in the complaint. “Ptlm. George then approached Mr. Mullennex and asked him to fill out a statement. At this point, Mr. Mullennex began to run away. When Mr. Mullennex began to run away, he drew a black pistol from the waistband of his waistband and pointed it back at everyone else. “

According to the complaint, Mullennex said: “I’ll … kill everyone, and then I’ll kill myself, you’re right, I have a gun.” when he put the gun to his head. Mullennex was ordered to drop the gun and was about 50 to 60 meters from Boatwright, but continued to run towards the alley that connects Third and Second Streets, the report said.

“I ran to my cruiser and tried to find it.” Boatwright writes in the complaint. I went down Henry Avenue and onto Second Street to find Mr. Mullennex. Then I stepped into the alley from the Second Street side and watched a woman smoke a cigarette. I asked the woman if anyone had walked through and she stated that he was hiding from me behind a dumpster. “

Boatwright set up his cruiser and turned on the forward lights. Boatwright left the cruiser and gave Mullennex orders. Mullennex is said to have asked the officer to do so “kill him” and stated he was on several watch lists for “Police suicide.” Boatwright writes in the complaint that George arrived on site while continuing to give orders.

Mullennex continued to refuse all orders, stating, ‘I’m going to burn this whole town down, just like the rest of the country. ‘Mr. Mullennex then started shaking us the’ finger ‘and kept telling us to kill him. “ The complaint says.

Officers continued to speak to Mullennex to get him to drop the gun and show his hands, the report said. Mullennex allegedly threw the gun over the dumpster along with a knife.

“Mr. Mullennex then came out of the dumpster and put his hands in his pockets.” The complaint says. “Mister. Mullennex continued to refuse orders and to humiliate and abuse us. Mr. Mullennex then said to look at this and undid his pants, pulled them down and waved his genitals at us, turned around (and bared his bare Butt). “

According to the complaint, Mullennex continued to refuse orders and attempt to leave the area.

“We then followed and I switched to my taser during Ptlm. George covered me with his gun. “ Boatwright writes in the complaint. “Mr. Mullennex then turned and looked at us and I tasered myself into his midsection. Mr. Mullennex then screamed and pulled the tines from his body. Mr. Mullennex then advised he would follow and lay down on the floor. I then approached and handcuffed Mr. Mullennex, where he continued to resist. “

The officers then searched Mullennex and put him on the Boatwright’s cruiser.

“He went on to say that he should have killed people or shot us so that we would have killed him.” The complaint says.

Boatwright retrieved the gun Mullennex was carrying and found it to be a 9mm SCCY pistol with a loaded magazine and a bullet in the chamber. Mullennex was taken to the EPD for processing, and members of the West Virginia State Police came to the office for assistance.

“While I was processing Mr. Mullennex, I removed his handcuffs and advised him to stay away from me and put his hands on his side.” Boatwright states in the complaint. “After removing the handcuffs, Mr. Mullennex tensed and quickly turned to us aggressively. I then performed an open handshake on Mr. Mullennex’s left side of his face and neck area which created the stunning effect desired. “

According to the complaint, Mullennex was compliant the rest of the time during processing.

“Then when I took Mr. Mullennex to the Tygarts Valley Regional Jail, he went on to explain that he should have killed himself, jumped off a bridge, wanted me to kill him, and if I got him out of jail, cruiser if he fought me, I should just shoot him. “ Boatwright writes in the complaint.

The Tygart Valley Regional Jail told Boatwright that the facility would not be able to maintain Mullennex without a medical discharge from the hospital due to the vehicle incident. Boatwright then took Mullennex back to Davis Medical Center for clearance.

Mullennex is currently held in TVRJ. If Mullenex is convicted of willful endangerment by a firearms charge, he faces one to five years in prison, or a prison term of no more than a year, or a fine of $ 250-22,500, or both.

On a terrorist threat charge, Mullennex faces a fine of $ 5,000 to $ 25,000 or one to three years in prison, or both.

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