Man gets 13 years imprisonment for Kirkwood carjacking, gun crime | law and order

KIRKWOOD – A man who kidnapped someone in Kirkwood before twice leading the police in a high-speed chase was sentenced to 13 years federal prison on Tuesday.

Najee Neal, 30, assaulted a 43-year-old man at gunpoint on February 27, 2020 on the 600 block on Meadowridge Lane in Kirkwood after taking his wallet and keys and searching him.

Kirkwood Police quickly spotted Neal in the stolen Nissan Altima, but lost him on Interstate 44 after Neal topped 160 mph.

Less than 45 minutes later, St. Louis police spotted Neal driving on sidewalks and weaving through traffic at high speed before the car went inoperative in northern St. Louis.

Neal ran but was captured, and officers found a Glock 19 with 31 laps nearby.

In September 2019, St. Louis County Police investigating drug sales at M&K Market, 12033 Bellefontaine Road, caught Neal with a SCCY 9mm pistol loaded with two cartridges, as well as marijuana and a digital scale .

Neal is a felon and is not allowed to own a weapon.

Neal pleaded guilty in US District Court in July on one car theft case and three gun possession charges. As part of his plea, both sides agreed to recommend the 13-year prison sentence.

He was sentenced to 12 years in prison by the St. Louis Circuit Court in 2008 on robbery, armed crime and other charges. He was paroled in July 2019.

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