Man previously shot by NP police is killed after confronting officers in LA


Various news outlets reported this week that North Providence’s Richard Solitro was shot and killed on Sunset Boulevard in Los Angeles after he got into a confrontation with police.

Solitro, 34, reportedly cut off police in a patrol car, then flipped his car and crashed into the cruiser. He got out of his car in a bulletproof vest with his hands behind his back. He then reportedly ignored the officers’ orders and began counting down. When he started pulling his hand out from behind his back, the police shot him.

Back in December 2018, The North Providence Breeze reported that Solitro, who was dealing with mental health problems, was confronted with police in a house on Manning Street and was shot multiple times after pointing a replica weapon at officers. At the time, the police received a call through a man who made statements that he intended to harm himself.

Police on the case said Solitro arrived shortly after Officer Mathew Florio replied to the house. Then he got out of the vehicle with the gun. Florio ordered him to drop the gun, but Solitro refused, according to police, and after Solitro aimed his gun at him, he shot him. The officers then provided assistance and he was taken to the hospital, where he was treated for his injuries and later recovered.

The gun Solitro allegedly pointed at Florio was a full-scale replica of a 9mm Beretta pistol, police said.

According to court records, Solitro made no objection to the charge of assault with a device that resembles the appearance of a firearm last September and agreed to pay the costs. According to the state database, the case was still open.

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