Man twice points loaded handgun at Boston police officers in East Boston, authorities say. Five loaded guns recovered.

Boston police officers driving through East Boston on Tuesday evening got help from nature when an allegedly armed man who twice pointed a gun at the police slipped on snow and then was taken into custody, Boston police said.

And, police wrote in a posting on on Wednesday, interactions with the man whose alleged escape was thwarted by the New England weather also resulted in the recovery of four loaded handguns hidden in a snow bank three other men – and juveniles – charged with delinquency against a 13-year-old boy from East Boston.

The incident occurred at around 11:00 pm Tuesday, when Youth Violence Task Force officials drove past the Maverick Landing housing estate and “spotted a group of men gathering in the sidewalk area of ​​23 London Street,” police wrote.

Moments later, the police wrote, the situation allegedly became very dangerous for the officers when a 20-year-old man, later identified as Erick Mariona, 20, from Brockton, approached the officers with a gun in his right hand.

Mariona allegedly went “further towards the cruiser, then stopped and raised the gun, which was aimed directly at the officers,” wrote the police. The officers immediately left their cruiser and ordered Mariona to drop the weapon. Mariona turned and ran down an alley. “

The officers followed onto Havre Street and then down an alley where the suspect reached the end of the alley. “He turned to the officers and raised the gun a second time in their direction,” the police wrote. The suspect “then slipped onto the snow and fell to the ground, where officers could arrest him and retrieve a gun.”

Mariona allegedly carried a 9mm pistol with one cartridge in the chamber and ten cartridges in the magazine, police said.

When the incident began, the police called additional officers for assistance, and those officers allegedly found a total of four handguns in a snow bank not far from where the group was first congregated by the police.

Police said they found a 9mm Springfield armory with one round in the chamber and 12 rounds in the magazine. a Taurus PT709 Cal 9mm with one serial number erased and one round in the chamber and five in the magazine; a Smith & Wesson M&P 9mm with one round in the chamber and 11 rounds in the magazine; and a SCCY CPX-Z 9mm with a round in the chamber 9 in the magazine.

Police charged the other three adults and the youth with illegal possession of firearms and ammunition. You have been identified by police as Maurice Nunez, 25, Boston; Deandre Clark, 21, of Brockton; Henry Smith, 21, of Chelsea. The youngster’s name was not published because of his age. He is being prosecuted in the Boston Juvenile Court, police said.

In addition to the charges of illegal gun possession, Mariona is charged with multiple attacks with a dangerous weapon for allegedly pointing the gun at the officers.

The adults are due to be tried in the East Boston Municipal Court on Wednesday.

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