Man Unloads AR-15 at Auto Part Thieves [LISTEN]

A father and son returned home a few weeks ago after picking up auto parts in the family’s pickup truck. When the son realized the truck was gone, he grabbed an AR rifle and chased the two men who had stolen it a few hundred yards to the end of the street. The armed driver got out of the vehicle and the audio from the surveillance camera can be heard as the son fired over twenty shots and hit the suspect several times. Police found the suspect dead in the woods, but the second man escaped on foot and has yet to be identified.

At the scene, a Houston Police detective told reporters that the shooter was cooperating and at that point they would not be bringing charges. Unfortunately, the incident was later turned over to a grand jury who will decide whether to pursue the matter against the son.

The family home is at the end of a forest road and police believe the alleged thieves followed them home. If you live in a remote area and are paying attention, there is someone you should notice behind you.

The Texas Penal Code has some interesting laws on the use of lethal force. Penal Code 9.42 states “immediately after a break-in, robbery, serious robbery or theft during the NIGHT of escaping with property”. The Penal Code 9.41 states that the use of force must be a “new persecution”. Both parts of the law can be interpreted and are now in the hands of the grand jury.

It would have been a better idea to keep an eye out for someone to follow you rather than unloading AR to stop some thieves. The shooter could go bankrupt and end up in jail trying to protect $ 3,000 in auto parts.

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