Man who threatened Newfoundland and Labrador politicians still holding out for an in-person trial

George Brake is still hoping the province’s COVID-19 alert level will change so he can face trial in person.

Brake, 66, from Shoal Brook in Bonne Bay is accused of threatening politicians. He has been in custody since his arrest on January 26th and is not guilty of threatening threats, possessing a gun for a dangerous purpose, operating a vehicle dangerously, escaping the police, two firearms without a license owning and careless storage of both weapons and ammunition.

On the day of his arrest, the RCMP received information that Brake was on his way from Bonne Bay to Deer Lake, reportedly to stop the ongoing provincial elections. After police found his vehicle on the Trans-Canada Highway, they tried to stop Brake, but a high-speed chase ensued.

The persecution ended in Deer Lake in the parking lot of Jim Goudie’s law firm, the PC candidate in the election. About three dozen hunting and tactical knives were found in his pickup truck, and two firearms – a 12-gauge Benelli shotgun and a Browning .300 lever rifle – were later confiscated from his trailer in Shoal Brook.

It is believed that he threatened the execution of politicians.

Brake was denied bail on February 16, and he joined the innocent lawsuits on February 19 while appearing in Corner Brook Provincial Court. Since the provincial court now only negotiates matters virtually, Brake decided to postpone its case to Friday for the purpose of setting a date for the hearing in the hope of being able to conduct a face-to-face hearing.

Brake attorney Gary Kearney moved to reschedule the matter for at least another week to see if the alert level will change. If not, Brake can rethink a virtual test version.

Judge Wayne Gorman told Brake that a trial could be conducted through videoconferencing, but if he wishes to appear in person, he is willing to adjourn the matter to see if it can be accommodated. Brake’s next appearance is scheduled for March 16.

On the same day, an application was made to dispose of a seized weapon.

Diane Crocker reports on West Coast news.

Twitter: @WS_DianeCrocker

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