Marshall News Messenger carrier who was shot released from hospital | East Texas

LONGVIEW, Texas – A Longview woman who was shot dead while delivering newspapers in Marshall was discharged from hospital Wednesday morning and had time to ponder the incident.

“People will do things that we question every day. Right after I was shot, I sat in my hospital bed and watched people being shot dead in a grocery store in Boulder, ”Valarie Grubb said from home Wednesday night. “It can happen anywhere, anytime. People need to be vigilant and aware of their surroundings. I was shot in the back for delivering papers every day. These people were shot because they were shopping somewhere all the time. “

On Friday, March 19th, Grubb walked away from the shipment of one Marshall News Messenger Daily newspaper to a customer who wanted the newspaper in a certain location when she heard and saw a white flash from a shot.

20-year-old Jose Manuel Galvan, from Marshall, reportedly shot her from the second floor of a neighboring house as she walked back to her car. The second shot went in her back, through her kidney and spleen, and broke two ribs, Grubb said. Police said six shots were fired.

Galvan was jailed for aggravated assault with a lethal weapon on a $ 500,000 bond. Marshall Police Department detectives obtained a search warrant for Galvan’s residence and found an AR15 rifle, spent shell casings and a large quantity of illicit THC products during the search. No motif has currently been published by the PD.

Grubb, who is married to stepchildren and works as the manager of an EZ Mart in Longview, walks alone but has problems.

“I went to the pharmacy from the front of Walgreens today, but I was out of breath,” said Grubb. “I work on walking as the doctors said it was time for rehabilitation and physiotherapy. I am in a lot of pain … I have a hernia on my back from where the wound is.

A GoFundMe Page has been set up and donations can be made to their Texas Bank and Trust account. She delivers that too Longview News-Journal as well as Marshall News Messenger and has been hailed by customers and the newspaper’s sales department as someone who goes above and beyond.

However, she thinks of others who have lost their lives and is grateful for what she has and the strangers who donated to help her pay the bills.

“I am blessed to be alive and my family is not coming together for a funeral,” said Grubb. “If I just get shot in the back and have a hernia, I’ll be fine.”

Regarding the donations, Grubb said, “The GoFundMe is helping. It helped with rent, car payments, and sundries. I am grateful for all the people who have supported me. It really helps and meant a lot while I was struggling in the hospital. People I don’t know came together for me. it makes my heart sing. “

Grubb will return to the doctor in a couple of weeks to work on a plan to return to a normal pattern.

Grubb enjoys her customers at the grocery store so much that she learned Spanish to help them out.

“I was in the church for years and worked in the shop. We have a large Hispanic community. I learned it myself to communicate with people, ”said Grubb. Grubb, a native of Tyler, credited the local cop for keeping her calm and alive as the bullet also broke two ribs.

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