Marshall Security’s Tyron Powell injured in Pinetown shootout

Marshall Security’s local police reservist and Tyron Powell was shot and injured after a high-speed chase that resulted in a gunfight on Old Main Road in Pinetown Tuesday night.

Members of the SAPS K9 unit as well as members of Marshall Security tracked a vehicle that was linked to various crime scenes in the greater Durban area.

Marshall Security spokeswoman Tammy Gove said the incident occurred around 7 p.m.

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“When the suspects found they were being followed, a brief chase ensued and the suspects opened fire on the officers in pursuit. Tyron Powell, director of Marshall Security, was gunshot wounds during the shooting. Tyron was taken to Crompton Hospital, where he was stabilized and has since been moved to another hospital for further treatment.

“The suspect armed with the rifle was shot on the spot. Three suspects fled in their vehicle. Members of our Special Operations Team and SAPS tracked the suspects, who then opened fire on them, and they returned fire, killing three other suspects. Three handguns and an AR15 assault rifle were recovered from the scene. There may be more suspects pending, ”Gove said.

Northglen News is pending police comment on the incident.

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