Mass Effect 2: Guide to Submachine Gun Stats and Locations

Proximity to enemies can be the key to success in the Mass Effect universe, and this is where ME2’s submachine guns come in.

Almost every situation in the Mass Effect universe ends in a fight. As Commander Shepard and her squadmates try to save the galaxy, they will face hordes of enemies directly, throwing up shields and biotic barriers, making them a lot harder to take out than Shepard has time. Fortunately, the Milky Way has plenty of weapons to do the job, and when it comes to those close-range fights, the submachine gun is the perfect weapon.

SMGs tend to excel at close range, raising shields and barriers, and doing significant damage increases against targets that maximize at close range. Every player class except Soldiers begins the game with the ability to use SMGs. Plus, six of Shepard’s 13 Mass Effect 2 squadmates use them in combat, making them easily accessible to nearly half of the team.

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The M-4 Shuriken

All classes (except soldiers) automatically receive the M-4 Shuriken is when they embark on the “Freedom Progress” mission. Incredibly effective against shields and biotic barriers, it offers 1.5 percent bonus damage against them. It may be mediocre against armor and only deal one percent bonus damage, but this submachine gun butt has a rate of fire of 700 RPM, which means that even if it doesn’t tear armor to shreds, it’s still able to break through. It deals 20.5 base damage and 24 rounds per clip, with a base spare ammo capacity of 240. This can be upgraded to 264 with the armor package and to 360 with research modifications.

It fires in three rounds, although it can be fired at a higher speed at the expense of accuracy. It has moderate recoil, which makes it better than other SMG models for firing long range shots. However, the fact that it’s only semi-automatic means constantly spamming the trigger to increase the rate of fire and reduce accuracy. One great thing about this weapon is that it is great for teammates as it forces them to take cover more regularly. the M-4 Shuriken helps keep them alive and fight for much longer.

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The M-9 storm

The M-9 Tempest’s base damage may be slightly lower, dealing only 14 base damage, but its rate of fire of 925 RPM makes it perfect for long, deadly volleys. However, its high recoil rate makes accurate long-range shots almost impossible. The storm is an incredibly expensive weapon developed by Elanus Risk Management Control for the Eclipse Mercenaries Band. Fortunately, Shepard doesn’t have to buy it as it can be found on a dead quarian near the radio during Tali’zorah’s recruiting mission. It is important to collect it before answering the call, otherwise it can be found in a room blocked by a pillar just before speaking to Tali over the radio.

The Tempest is excellent against barriers and shields and deals 1.5 percent bonus damage. Like other SMGs, however, it’s not nearly as effective against armor, dealing only one percent bonus damage. It holds 50 ammunition per clip and has a reserve ammunition capacity of 450, which can be upgraded to 495 with the armor pack and to 675 with research upgrades. It is capable of firing accurate shots, but automatic firing increases the bursts, which can result in inaccurate shots.

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The M-12 grasshopper

Manufactured by Kassa Fabrications, the M-12 Locust was originally developed for the Alliance military. However, due to its long-range precision potential, it has become a weapon of choice for killers and gang executors. The locust can be found in Donovan Hock’s vault on the same table as Keiji’s graybox during Kasumi Goto’s loyalty mission. However, if it is not picked up, it will still be a reward at the end of the mission.

While it does moderate base damage compared to other SMGs, the M-12 Locust’s ammo capacity is very low, only lasting 20 rounds per clip. The standard reserve ammunition capacity is 240, but can be upgraded to 264 through the armaments package and to 360 through research upgrades. The Locust has a rate of fire of 550 RPM and its low recoil and auto target acquisition make it much more accurate when firing at long range.

Although its bonus damage against shields and barriers is only 1.25 percent less than other SMGs, it is equally effective against armor and receives the same bonus damage. Since squad members don’t have the same accuracy issues as Shepard, they tend to do more damage with the Tempest than with the Locust, but for Shepard this is a top notch submachine gun.

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