Miami Cops Hard at Work, Keeping Us All Safe

Image via Miami Dade Police Twitter.

The Miami Dade Police love their Twitter page. They use it to keep the public informed of their activities. However, a recent post congratulating some of their officials on a drug bankruptcy earned them a lot of ridicule. They contained a snapshot of seized cash, drugs and weapons.

Cooperation is 🔑! A search warrant carried out by the Crime Suppression Team and the Gang Unit of our Hammocks District with the support of @fdlepio resulted in the seizure of currencies, suspected narcotics and firearms. #MDPDprotecting

– Miami-Dade Police (@MiamiDadePD) February 5, 2021

Take a closer look.

Image via Twitter / Miami-Dade Police.

This single action revolver looks like it’s a toy.

And the rifle? A single shot rifle from the 19th century. I’ve taken better, non-burning specimens to Chicago arms buybacks. Without the modern currency and the old flip phone, one might think that this is evidence of a robbery on a stagecoach.

What kind of self-respecting criminals rely on these antiquated fools to protect their stash of drugs and cash? With all of these stacks of Benjamin’s, they could certainly have gotten something made after the Garfield administration.

Many people reading the Miami-Dade PD Twitter account thought the same thing.

Screencap Twitter

This user thinks he has identified one of the perpetrators.

Was this the suspect

– Thomas (@djamesalicious) February 6, 2021

You’d think that police department social media gurus could avoid stepping on rakes when it comes to promoting their departments.

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