Milwaukee M18 Fuel Compact Impact Wrench Review

Milwaukee M18 Fuel Compact Impact Wrench Drop size, increases muscles

As part of the new pipeline launch, we got our hands on the Milwaukee M18 Fuel Compact Impact Wrench early on so you can get an immediate idea of ​​what’s new. If you missed the first episode, be sure to register for the next and join in!


  • 250 ft-lbs breakaway torque (20% more)
  • Broke 400 ft-pounds in our tests
  • 4.9 inches long (0.9 inches decrease)
  • New auto modes
  • New three-beam LEDs
  • Increased lanyard hole size
  • 3 drive types available



More compact and powerful. That’s the compact Gen 3 Milwaukee M18 Fuel impact wrench in a nutshell. With the addition of new three-beam LEDs and auto modes, there’s really no downside unless you keep an eye out for one-key versions.

No matter what trade you are in, this impact wrench is a great asset for getting solid performance in the tightest of spaces.

Milwaukee M18 compact fuel impact wrench


With the update of the compact impact wrenches, we see an increase in performance. According to the specifications, we see a movement in torque from 200 ft-lbs to 250 ft-lbs. The updated model has 200 ft-lbs of torque for attachment.

We’ll be using 25% more electricity each day of the week, but our test results were even more impressive. With 7/8 inch nuts and bolts made of hardened steel grade 8, we set them to specific intervals with our digital torque wrench and the 6-fold torque multiplier.

With the power bump, the new three-beam LEDs and the auto modes, we can’t find a disadvantage for these new compact impact wrenches from Milwaukee …

Kenny Koehler

We start small and work our way up to see if an impact tool can actually break what the manufacturer claims. This one did it and much more. In fact, the next generation Milwaukee M18 Fuel compact impact wrench hit much higher and consistently broke 400 ft-lbs on our rig!

If you are using it for automotive applications there is a lot of power. We turned the tires on some of our work trucks and were able to easily remove all the studs. One of the trucks had exposed studs that hadn’t been turned off in more than two years, and we still didn’t need to reach for our mean torque.

height and weight

Milwaukee’s compact impact wrench not only built muscle, but lost it too. We measured the previous model at 5.8 inches. This drops almost a centimeter from the length of the head to 4.9 centimeters. That’s almost as small as the 2857 M18 Fuel Impact Driver!

The weight also drops slightly. Now it’s 0.1 lbs lighter and weighs 2.4 lbs (bare) and 3.7 lbs (3.7 lbs) with the 3.0 Ah high capacity battery we tested with. Using a 5.0 Ah battery may be more common and is 4.0 lbs.

Either way you want to power it, this is a compact workhorse that’s ready to get into the tight spaces your medium or high torque impact wrench won’t fit.

New features

Automatic modes

Several new features are revealed with this update. The most useful is the auto mode. While it’s just a setting, it has different functions in forward and backward.

Forwards it automatically switches off to prevent over-tightening. The basic idea is to have the tool secure your screw and then switch to your torque wrench to set the correct torque.

When it comes to machining aluminum rims or other torque sensitive materials, we really love this mode.

When switching to reverse, it is a support for removing screws. Here the shocks start lightly and slowly before increasing until the bolt loosens. Once this is the case, the bolt is removed further at low speed.

LED tri-beam

We LOVE three-beam LEDs on our drilling and fastening tools, and Milwaukee brought them to their compact impact wrench!

3 LEDs surround the drive, virtually eliminating shadows and illuminating your work area much better than any foot-mounted LED.

Lanyard hole

One of the minor updates is an increase in the lanyard hole size. It’s not something most of us will notice when working on the ground, but it’s easier to attach your construction worker lanyard at height.

Additional functions

  • Brushless motor
  • Standard 3-speed electronic control (plus the automatic modes, 4 modes in total)
  • Reversible belt hook
  • Variable speed shutter release


You can get your Milwaukee Compact Impact Wrench in 3 flavors:

  • 3/8-inch friction ring (Milwaukee 2854)
  • 1/2-inch friction ring (Milwaukee 2855)
  • 1/2-inch pin lock (Milwaukee 2855P)

What about one-key?

There is no one-key version of these tools yet. However, Milwaukee added a one-key option to the last generation, so we hope we’ll see it a bit later.

Milwaukee M18 Fuel Compact Impact Wrench Comparison Chart

Previous gen. Next Generation
Maximum torque 220 ft-lbs 250 ft-lbs
Speeds 0 – 900/1600/2500 rpm 0 – 900/1650/2400 rpm
Impact rate 0 – 3200 IPM 0 – 3500 IPM
Automatic modes None Automatic shutdown / screw removal
One key option Yes Not yet
Head length 5.9 in 4.9 in
Weight 2.5 lbs 2.4 lbs
LED single Tri-LED
Lanyard hole Small Greater

Based on 1/2 “friction ring models


The updated models of the Milwaukee M18 Fuel Compact Impact Wrench will be available on November 2nd, 2020. Pre-orders will be made at the end of September. Expect $ 199 for the bare tool for each version. That’s only $ 10 more than the current models.

Here is a breakdown of your kit options:

-22CT contains two 2.0 Ah batteries. -22 kits contain two 5.0 Ah batteries.

The bottom line

More compact and powerful. That’s the compact Gen 3 Milwaukee M18 Fuel impact wrench in a nutshell. With the power bump, new tri-beam LEDs, and auto modes, we can’t find any downside to these new Milwaukee compact impact wrenches unless you stick with a one-key version.

No matter what trade you are in, this impact wrench is a great asset for getting solid performance in the tightest of spaces.

What do you think? Feel free to let us know in the comments below!

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