Nationwide ammunition shortage affects arms shops and police stations

Bloomington, Illinois (WMBD) – COVID-19 ammunition scarcity has existed nationwide for over a year since pandemic demand began to surge.

Experts said the George Floyd / Black Lives Matter 2020 protest and the bankruptcy of gun maker Remington had worsened the limited supply.

Ron Darnal said the demand for all types of ammunition, including pistols, shotguns and rifles, remains high.

Darnal said many gun shops in the area have been doing this for over a year.

“People come out and enjoy sports, shoot, have fun, hit steel, come out and shoot a few laps. I don’t spend my time doing it. I turn around to use it myself, ”said Darnal.

Darnal said the demand for guns and ammunition is high, but many stores in the area are unable to supply them. He hopes that will change soon.

“My opinion is now. It’s been about three to four months since things got reasonably normal. But it’s not as normal as it used to be. This economy increases our prices. I am aware of that, ”said Darnal.

The shortage does not only affect arms stores and wholesalers. The police station is also affected.

Police Chief Chad Wamsley said the department uses a lot of ammunition every year.

“On average, we go through departments using 70-75,000 ammunition dedicated to shooting training and training for the SWAT team,” said Wamsley. Specified.

Bloomington Council approves the purchase of a new police pistol for $ 81,495

According to Wamsley, the department is still waiting to order 9mm ammunition for a new weapon that was approved by the city council on Monday evening.

“I ordered around 110,000 ammunition and 9mm ammunition in January. At first it was said to have waited 6 months, but now it can wait up to 1 year. “It’s done,” said Wamsley.

Mr Wamsley said he hoped the ammunition would arrive by the fall to ensure a smooth transition.

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