New Iberia man booked with attempted homicide, drug charges

A New Iberia man was charged with attempted murder and several drug offenses.

Jake Landry, 22, has been charged with attempted second degree murder over his alleged involvement in a shooting in an Iberia community bar, officials say.

Landry was also charged with possession with intent to distribute Schedule I, 44 counts with intent to distribute Schedule I drugs, two counts with intent to distribute Schedule II, unlawful use of body armor, four counts of firearms in the presence of a controlled hazard substance , Possession of drug paraphernalia and drug dealing funds.

MPs tracked Landry, wanted for attempted murder, on December 1st in the States.

They carried out a search warrant against its resident on Forrest Leblanc Road, alleging that they had seized:
7.7 pounds of marijuana
“Crush” 13 ounces of THC
21g of marijuana resin / wax
54g THC vape cartridges
31g THC tablets
16.5 oxycodone tablets (Sch II)
8 hydrocodone tablets (Sch II)
Numerous drug paraphernalia (bongs, scales, cigarette paper, etc.)
Packaging materials for medicines (bags, glass containers, vacuum sealers and other various materials)
$ 2,260.00 US currency
· Four pistols, including an AR15 with binary trigger modification; a tactical 12-gauge shotgun with drum magazine and a Glock 9 mm with conversion kit and drum magazine; several hundred rounds of ammunition and a concealable ballistic vest.

Landry’s bond issue was set at $ 298,500.

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