New Santa Ana | SAPD weapons and drug busts update

The gang detectives of the SAPD have set up a white SUV vehicle stop in the area of ​​Baker Street 2100S because of a traffic violation.

Upon contact with the driver, the detective observed the drug from the front of the car.

The driver was securely detained and the vehicle was searched.

A total of 129.2 pounds of methamphetamine and heroin were suspected.

The driver was transferred to Santa Anna Prison for a crime.

SAPD Gang Detectives has compiled information on convicted felons in possession of firearms and the potential for firearms manufacture. The detective drew up a search warrant for his home, searched it and used a large amount of methamphetamine, body armor, gangster shields, numerous ammunition (9mm, .40, .223) and a loaded 9mm semi-automatic “ghost pistol”. “. I found. , .40 caliber P80 semi-automatic pistol with self-made silencer and AR-15 pistol.

The detective also found gun parts and manufacturing tools that matched the suspect’s “ghost pistol”. The detective also found a drug laboratory in his apartment. The dangerous goods team responded to oversee the proper destruction of laboratories and drug manufacturing materials.

The suspect was charged with drug sales and gun violations.

The designated patrol officer from SAPD carried out a traffic control for violating the vehicle code. The investigation revealed that one of the residents was on probation for selling drugs.

All occupants were arrested and searched for the vehicle, which revealed that the passenger seat floor had a 9mm semi-automatic “ghost gun” on it.

SAPD police responded to reports of ongoing tagging and two people were arrested. As a result of further investigations, a 9 mm “ghost cannon” with 33 magazines and a second magazine was recovered.

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New Santa Ana | SAPD gun and drug bust update source link New Santa Ana | SAPD weapons and drug busts update

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