| New: Smith & Wesson M&P 15T II Rifle

Smith & Wesson Inc. has launched its newest modern sport rifle, the M&P 15T II. The new M&P 15T II is chambered in 5.56 mm NATO and contains improvements such as a full-length M-Lok handguard made of aluminum, a flat trigger, a Magpul CTR stock and an M&P handle. The MSRP is $ 1,372.

With the bearings extended, the total length is 36.9 inches (33.5 inches when folded). The weight is 6.65 pounds. A 30-round 5.56 mm NATO magazine is included.

With the M&P 15T II, ​​Smith & Wesson has added premium improvements that shooters want from a modern high-performance sporting rifle. Features of the M&P 15T II rifle include a free-floating 16-inch barrel with 5R pull and 1: 8-inch rotation rate, as well as a medium-length throttle system for reduced recoil and also for efficient cycling.

In addition, the M&P 15T II features a forged, oversized trigger guard that provides maximum clearance when wearing gloves, along with the flat trigger mentioned above. In addition, a Radian Raptor LT rechargeable handle enables two-handed handling of the rechargeable handle.

When you factor in the Magpul CTR carbine stock, M&P grip, and 15-inch M-Lok aluminum handguard – topped with Magpul MBUS visors – these improvements make the new M&P 15T II a complete MSR package.

Find out more about the Smith & Wesson M&P 15T II 5.56mm NATO rifle at smith-wesson.com.

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