New Ty’Rese West shooting records released by City of Racine | Crime and Courts

“Therefore the RPD has to reject all requests from members of the MPPD and the RCSD for body camera recordings. Such inquiries must be directed to the MPPD or RCSD in accordance with the statutory provisions. “

However, a video of Mount Pleasant patrol cars was released by the City of Racine.

In addition, not every witness interview is published. Letteney’s memo states: “Due to the sensitive and sometimes controversial nature of shooting incidents involving officials and other ongoing investigations, the disclosure of identifying information to those questioned or mentioned during the interviews could expose them to unwanted public scrutiny Subject to criticism or pressure from outside sources that could deter prospective witnesses’ willingness to come forward to investigate similar incidents and to cooperate with law enforcement agencies. Accordingly, two police reports listing a witness interview have been withheld entirely. “

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Sgt. Chad Melby, Racine Police Department Public Information Officer, said that “nothing has changed in the investigation” prior to publication. He stated that prosecutors are finalizing the release of recordings requested since the June 15, 2019 shooting, in which 18-year-old West was dead.

The Racine Police Department led the investigation into the shooting because Wisconsin law enforcement agencies (in this case the Mount Pleasant Police Department) are not allowed to investigate officer shootings by their own officers.

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