Newcastle crime family found with cocaine and arsenal of guns is jailed

A CRIME family involved in raids that required the technical assistance of bomb disposal experts are behind bars

The Taits were arrested back in April last year as part of Operation Venetic – one of the most significant measures against serious and organized crime the country has ever seen.

As part of the investigation, searches of family-related properties in Byker, Kenton and Cowgate were carried out and a weapons shipment, including a homemade hand grenade and Class A drugs valued at over £ 125,000, was recovered.

Thomas Tait Snr was arrested after a search of his home in Kenton, where officers found a Glock pistol and two kilos of cocaine. His son, Thomas Tait Jnr, was arrested at the property shortly after he appeared.

Later that evening, another search was conducted at the home of Tait Snr’s mother, Anne-Marie Glendenning. A sports bag containing a hand grenade, a semi-automatic Stribog carbine, a Sig Sauer pistol, a Glock pistol and approximately 300 rounds of ammunition was found in a closet in her Byker apartment.

Firearms confiscated

The 63-year-old told officers the bag belonged to her 21-year-old grandson Daniel, who left it there for safekeeping and claimed it was full of clothes.

A search of his home led the officers to about 15 kilograms of mixing media and a hydraulic press, which were also confiscated.

Another man, David Nixon, was later arrested in connection with the conspiracy. In the course of the investigation, 15,000 pounds of cash and 10 kilos of mixed media were seized and linked to the 27-year-old.

Thanks to the hard work and dedication of all concerned, an overwhelming amount of evidence was presented in court during a series of hearings and all five of the accused pleaded guilty.

Four members of the criminal group were detained at Newcastle Crown Court on Friday and Glendenning was due to be tried at a later date.

Found a hand grenade

Found a hand grenade

Following the conviction, Detective Chief Inspector Paul Woods of the Northumbria Police’s Priority and Organized Crime Team (POCT) said, “This is an excellent result for the force. These sentences reflect the seriousness of the crimes committed by the Taits and their associates, and I am glad they are behind bars where they belong.

“The Taits believed they were inviolable – but thanks to the hard work and tireless efforts of our officers and staff, their illegal business has been dismantled and our communities have already been made safer.

“I want to repeat that there is no place for serious violence and illegal weapons in our neighborhood.

Fortunately, in this field, it is very rare for criminals to acquire firearms of this type, and the public can rest assured that our dedicated teams are wasting time confiscating and destroying them – and taking them when we suspect That illegal firearms are in the hands of criminals is robust action against those in their possession.

“Under the regional banner of Operation Sentinel and the national banner of Operation Venetic, we are working around the clock to eradicate organized crime in our communities.”

Kim McGuinness, Northumbria Police and Crime Commissioner, said: “In Northumbria, organized crime groups are very much targeted. We want to catch those responsible at the top and put an end to them.

“Serious organized crime includes county boundaries, human trafficking and drugs – all of these are subjects that fall victim to the vulnerable and put other people’s lives into distress.

“Families like this need to be stopped, and the Northumbria police have worked tirelessly to disrupt the activities of this family and ensure they are behind bars. Hard work and dedication have paid off and I am delighted with the news today – it is a relief that those responsible can no longer cause exploitation or suffering. ”

Thomas Tait Sr., 48, of Orchard Green, Newcastle, pleaded guilty to possessing Class A drugs with intent to supply and possess a firearm and was imprisoned for five years and three months.

His mother, Ann-Marie Glendenning, 63, of Northumberland Terrace, Byker, pleaded guilty to three gun and ammunition possession and was later convicted.

Tait’s eldest son, Thomas, 23, of Saffron Place, Walker, admitted possession of Class A drugs for delivery and was sentenced to four years in prison.

His brother Daniel Tait, 21, of Rennington Place, Newcastle, admitted having deliberate Class A drugs, three gun possession counts and ammunition, and was imprisoned for 11 years.

Her associate, David Nixon, 28, of Chase Meadows in Blyth, pleaded guilty to the conspiracy to possess a firearm and concerned about the supply of Class A drugs and was sentenced to 15 years in prison.

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